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Josh Bernstein – Florida’s Other U-19 Product for Team Israel!

Written by Lee Roggenburg on . Posted in .
  We at FLN spent considerable time highlighting the success of Lake Brantley’s Jared Bernhardt as he participated in the World U-19 Championships last month.  Jared’s performance earned him the MVP for the tournament, showing once again what a great future Florida lacrosse has. But Jared was not the only Floridian-bred player to make a roster at the tournament!  Former SA and Spanish River player Josh Bernstein made the roster for Team Israel and also contributed greatly to Israel’s performance in the tournament! Team Israel finished 6th in the event and Josh finished second on the team with 14 goals and 3 assists out of the midfield.  Josh finished tied for 20th overall in points and 15th in goals scored, and only 3 other midfielders scored as many goals as Josh.  A fantastic tournament for him.   Josh Bernstein Israel #1   From the Team Israel web site we have this write up of Josh: “Josh Bernstein, 18, is originally from sunny Florida but has since decided to make Aliyah and move to the sunny coastal city of Netanya, Israel. Josh is our youngest player and coach in Israel but has worked extremely hard to earn the respect of the veterans he plays and works with. Josh has elevated his game quite a bit since the very first practice in Israel and has really come into his own as an independent young man. “I think that playing lacrosse for Israel and having the opportunity to represent Israel as a country in the U19 World Games and the Men’s European Championship is one of the coolest things a kid my age can be doing. Even though I have just graduated high school, I am playing on the men’s team with guys who have played at collegiate level. I feel that this team and program has taken me under its wing and is preparing me to be a leader and a better player while also getting me ready for the future ahead of me. I am excited for these awesome opportunities and can’t wait to step on the field wearing a jersey with Israel on it.” Josh is currently a 1st line midfielder and has shown an ability to improve from both a mental and physical perspective every single day. The sky is the limit for this young Israeli.”   Josh Bernstein Israel #3_opt   One note is that Josh has also been named to play on the 19-man roster for Team Israel for the European Championships!  As I write this Team Israel will meet England in the Championship Game on Saturday! He has chipped in 3 goals in the European Championships as he is more of a support player on the full senior team. We wish Josh continued success with Team Israel!