Lake Brantley Wins District 10 Championship

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Photos By Ginger Carter

Lake Brantley High School faced the Wekiva Mustang Thursday night on Brantley’s Tom Storey Field for the District 9 Final. Earlier in the week Brantley defeated

Mike Dobrowolski shoots on Dustin Stanley
Mike Dobrowolski shoots on Dustin Stanley

Lyman and Wekiva defeated Apopka to set up this matchup. Wekiva’s big guns for the game were Jesse Ormond and RT Rogers with Adam Brathwaite and Dustin Stanley in goal and anchoring the defense.

The first quarter opened up with Brantley’s Jared Bernhardt scoring within the first 30 seconds.  That was followed by scores from teammates AJ Monte and Mike Dobrowolski. Wekiva’s Jesse Ormond led their scoring efforts all night and added two goals in the first quarter. The second quarter was controlled by Brantley’s attack who added two more goals and the first half ended with the score of 7-2 Brantley. The third and fourth quarters were all Brantley’s as the LB attack controlled the ball and added 6 more goals in the third and 3 in the fourth from a mix of various Brantley’s attackmen. Wekiva did get the ball to Jesse Ormond in the fourth quarter for a final goal for Wekiva. The District 9 final ended with a score of 16-3 Brantley. Lake Brantley’s high scorers were Jared Bernhardt with 4 goals and 3 assists and Mike Dobrowolski with 4 goals and 1 assist. Wekiva’s Jesse Ormond scored all of their goals. Lake Brantley will advance into the FHSAA first round play Tuesday night April 22nd to face Hagerty.  Hagerty defeated Oviedo 14-10 to win the District 10 Championship.