Lee’s Live Blog – From Jupiter – STA versus Benjamin

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Here we go, large and loud crowd!

STA wins the first battle at the circle

Left alley dodge goes wide

right alley shot goes wide

Harrington scores but waived off for in the crease

STA rides hard and gets it back

Crowley wide left on a spin

Yovino fires high off the left wing

Guglielmo steps down but Michels with the save and Benj clears

At 8:21 Cropp face dodges right wing to the net and beats Adler between the legs at 8:21

Benj wth the faceoff

Bowie with the save and Adler sends it up, clear good

Crowley with the culr from behind left and his shot goes low left for 1-1 at 6:36

Benj with the faceoff and O’Hare scores from the front for 2-1 at 6:14

Benj again with the f/o

Long possession but no shots and the ball goes out of bounds

STA clears

Deflected pass outof bounds, still STA ball

Inside shot bounces high over the cage

Loose ball but Benjamin with the one minute slash

Yovino with the pipe rip from the right wing

Yovino from Guglielmo on the right wing and Yovino ties it up at 2:26 on EMO

STA with the f/o

Borodiak down the right but goes into the crease, Benj clears

Big save by Adler off the left crease and STA clears

No shots and the first ends at 2-2!


Yovino from Harrington on EMO to start the period 16 seconds in, ripped high from the right wing and STA leads 3-2

Benj wins faceoff

Right alley dodge draws the 30-second push on STA

Bowie fires wide left

At 10:22 O’Hare finishes a great all around play with the face dodge up front at 10:22 after hustling down a loose ball just before it caused an over and back


STA violation on the faceoff

Cropp hits the crossbar from up top right

Thompson beats the defense from behind right and his left hand hits the top short side for 4-3 at 9:43

Benj wins faceoff

Packer from up top goes high

Back door feed misses but push called, Benj ball

Packer high

Bowie wide from the left wing

Save Adler but Benjamin winning the ground balls right now, playing faster

O’Hare gets through the left but is trail checked on the shot

Yovino steals behind the net and STA clears

Long Benj possession and STA needs to take some time to give their D a rest

Harhart shoots wide from the left

Harrington in front saved and Benj clears

Time out Benj at 4:46


STA steals after another long possession and clears

Guglielmo with a solo effort down the middle and then the left and his left hand goes low far side for 4-4 at 3:15

STA faceoff and time out with 3:05 to go


Yovino down the left alley but Michels makes the save and Benjamin clears and calls time out

Cropp from up top goes high

Post shot

Thompson saved as is Bowie as Adler comes up big, 30 seconds left as STA clears

Time out STA with 25 seconds left and the score 4-4

Khalil with the goal off the feed from left behind with 19 seconds

Packer can not get off the shot and it is STA 5-4 at the half!


Second Half


Benj wins the faceoff but the pass goes out of bounds

Yovino shoots wide

big save on Crowley in front

Another big save by Miochels

Clear good and on the fast break Packer finds O’Hare in front to tie it at 5 at 9:49

STA with the faceoff

Harrington stoned in front and after two quick turnovers STA gets it back

Yovino wide and the restart goes over and back

Benj turns it back over on the break

Yovino stopped by Michels on the right wing

O’Hare gets the lead back for Benjamin at 6:32 off the dodge to the middle from the top right

Benj takes the faceoff, starting to get comfortable on offense

Buttelman misses left

STA strips Thompson on the crease

STA turns it back and Benj races down

Benj draws a penalty at 4:32

Looks like Bowie with the goal ion EMO at 4:22 for the 7-5 lead

Danger time for STA

Benj defense starting to zero in

But Guglielmo answers from top right at 3:50 for 7-6

STA with the faceoff

Loose ball but push gives it back to STA

Crowley wide left

Yovino wide on the curl

Guglielmo stoned by Michels from left wing

Crowley finally gets his left wing low play and draws the hold at 1:47

Crowley rips wide from the left side

Harrington ties it at 1:21 from Crowley on EMO after sneaking out from left GLE

Benj faceoff win

STA steals

Khalil scoops loose ball and STA calls time with 45 seconds left

Benjamin has been shorting both Crowley and Yovino at times and it has been effective

Turnover and Benj holds off for the period.

7-7 going into the fourth!


Fourth Quarter


STA violation on the faceoff

Packer from O’Hare in front right at 10:51 and Benjamin takes the 8-7 lead

Benj now winning the faceoffs

packer wins the loose ball battle on the left

Cropp fires but Adler makes the high save and STA looks to clear

Harrington with a GREAT effort to win the ball, break through 4 players and get to the net for the underhand flip and it is 8 all with 9:07 left

Benj wins another faceoff

Buttelman down the middle and gives Benjamin the lead back at 8:39

Benj again on the f/o

O’Hare wide left and Adler gets the backup

Borodiak wide from the right side

Crowley with the curl to tie it at 9 with 7:02 left

Benj again after a battle and Lobosco goes down the middle and hits the top left corner for 10-9 at 6:49!

STA wins one and sets up

Over and back on STA

Benj gets the time out at 5:58 as Packer was trapped by the double

STA with the steal and clear

Weinsier shoots wide from in front

Yovino high from the right side

Big turnover by STA with 4 minutes left

STA steals it back on the clear

Crowley stripped Benj cleared and keeps possession off the shot miss

Close call on the pass/shoot choice and Benjamin keeps possession

On the restart STA takes a slash with 2:18 left

Can Benjamin put it away?

STA steals and clears

Time out STA with 1:19 left!  10-9 Benjamin


Yovino scores on the left alley run to the top right to tie it at 10!

STA gets the faceoff and Guglielmo goes to net, shooting wide right.  Benjamin given the backup on a very close play.

Benj clears and with 45 seconds left calls time

Who will step up and win it for either team?

Not sure why but STA is given possession and after a few shots Michels holds tight and we are going to OT!!



Got that one right . . .


STA wins the faceoff and gets time before the ball is checked out

Yovino misses Harrington and Benj takes possession out of bounds

They clear and take time

Cliche time . . . cut the tension with a knife

Fantastic game so far.

Tom West hoping for about 8 OT’s . . .

Packer dodges to goal but shoots wide

Crease on Benjamin, STA clears

Harringotn shoots wide

Borodiak wide from the rihgt wing

Crowley misses high and Benjamin gets the backup

Yovino shoots wide after the steal, BEnjamin back up

Cropp high and we are going to the second OT!!


STA wins it and gets the time out . . . Guglielmo coming up big on faceoffs late in the 4th and the OTs.

Yovino tries to break through but the shot is blocked and Benj clears

Benj can’t get a look and the strip sends STA off on the break

Michels with the save on the line as the 4-3 break just falls short

Benjamin clears and calls time

O’Hare gets a stop but gets stopped and STA clears

Guglielmo gows to goal and gets denied, Benj clears

STA strips and flings downfield but out of bounds with 7 seconds left

We are going to a THIRD OT!!!


Benjamin wins the key faceoff and gets the quick time out

Adler with the huge save and STA takes over

Khalil stopped inside before the shot is taken, STA keeps possession

Yovino wide right

Yovino turned away from up top by Michels!

Time out STA with 47 seconds left in the third OT

Guglielmo with the left hand riop to the top left with 8 seconds left!!

STA to the finals!

A wonderful game!!!