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Lee’s Live Blog – Ponte Vedra vs Lake Highland Prep

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  IMG_0348LHP with the first real possession #10 with the first goals on a left wing bullet at 11:04 to the top corner PV wins the draw but turns it back over A face dodge to the net goes wide Left wing alley dodge saved by PV But PV turns it over on the clear, they need to settle in Over and back, to PV IMG_0146First penalty on LHP, one minute slash Over and back on PV and Colling goes left alley on man down and hits the far sde for 8:26 PV on the draw but shoots wide PV makes it 2-1 as Clay Welch hits the low right at 7:55 on a dodge to the middle PV penalty on #21 for hitting the player on the ground . . . bad penalty to take . . .2 men down with a push too Big save on the right wing step down And another shot wide, now 6 on 5 IMG_0321Saves and the penalties are over, PV lcears Shot off the post by Welch Turnover on the double team  but PV recovers and LHP takes it back #4 for LHP from #11 in the middle and it’s 3-1 LHP with 5:00 left PV wins possession on the draw Big save by LHP as the spin move to the right crease is stuffed Colling misses the cage right Fast break but PV loses the ball and LHP clears Time out   Shot high from up top LHP now 4-1 as #7 curls from behind left and hits the top short side with 1:47 left LHp wins the big faceoff battle and clears Nice strip by PV and they clear Rip from up top is stopped by Farwell and the period ends with LHP up 4-1   PV wins the second period faceoff Welch wide with the shot Turnover off ther feed insie but Pv stops the clear #7 with the great swim move and hist the top left side wiht the low to high and it is 4-2 with 10:18 left PV again with the draw Big save off the top side shot In the crease on PV and LHP clears Question mark dodge goes just wide left Blocked shot and PV fails to clear Shot from the right wing over the net Curl from behind goes wide left Colling misses the net on his left alley dodge #10 takes a bad angle shot and the PV goalie eats it up, clear good Work at X goes for naught as the attacker touches the crease Time out LHP as the goalie is caught in the offensive end   Colling again misses the net on the left alley shot Big save off Colling’s shot from up top and PV clears #2 bounces one home from the right alley and it is now 4-3 with 4:26 left PV wins again and sets up for the tying goal Turnover but PV picks off the clear and finds #7 all alone in front and we are tied at 4!  3:10 left PV again wins possession Forced the effort and turns it over and the fast break results in #15 finding himself all alone on the left crease for the 5-4 LHP lead with 2:11 left LHP wins the faceoff but the shot hits the post, LHP still with possession Colling goes left alley and hits the far right corner for 6-4 with 1:26 left LHP takes the draw #10 dodges middle but PV’s goalie makes the save Time out PV with 30 seconds to go in the half Alley dodge goes wide after deflection Shot goes wide but on the restart PV #3 finds room inside and bounces one in with 5 seconds left for 6-5! The half ends with LHP up 6-5!   Second Half   LHP with the win Shot stopped but a 30-second technical on PV Colling on the EMO as he rips to the top left from straight away at 10:58 for 7-5 LHP wins but PV takes it back, scrmable and Smith misses the net from the middle Welch gets inside but is stopped but PV steals the clear Push called on LHP, PV on EMO PV turns it over on the pass and LHP clears Riught alley shot saved by PV. goalie stopped but PV given possessio after LHP offside #24 scores on EMO (penalty on last possession) as his face dodges the left wing and gets a low shot off for 7-6 at 8:03 F/O win by PV but the shot goes wide, LHP called for 30-second hold Long shot saved and PV retains possession but then throws the pass away Pass down low flies out of bounds and PV gets itt back Shot saved and in the crease, LHP clears PV with the penalty as the defenseless pass recipient is hit and it’s a 2-minute unreleasable . . . big point of the game PV with the big save from up top and PV tries to run time but LHP strips Big save and PV gets possession.  PV gets into the box and calls time with 4:22 left and the score being 7-6   Big short hand goal for Reid Smith on the curl from behind while shorthanded at 4:09 to TIE THE GAME! LHP with the faceoff #7 puts LHP back in front with the EMO at 3:44 all alone off the right side of the net for 8-7 Faceoff win for PV but #21 gets trapped and PV has to use their last timeout Tough play to make and a touch call to make too   PV shot wide from up top #3 wide open up front, goes over cage Welch hits the top left corner to tie it up again at 8 with 2:47 left. F/O pop forward and #21 goes down the middle to put PV ahead at 2:41! LHP with the faceoff win and they pull it out but PV picks up the loose ball and clears #24 hits the top right corner from straight away and it is now 10-8 for PV with 56 seconds left in the third!  4 in a row. And 8 seconds later it is 11-8 as the f/o is again popped forward and tge shot bounces home PV again wins the f/o and PV draws a holding penalty with 24 seconds left And on the EMO Welch converts from the top right wing to the left ide and it is now 12-8 with 14 seconds left LHP gets the faceoff but shoots high and the period ends with PV now leading 12-8!   Fourth Quarter   PV wins the faceoff and is running some time off Turnover at 9:30 and on the fast break LHP gets the easy goal off the crease at 9:18 and it is now 12-9 F/O win but LHP misses the net from the right side At 8:22 LHP makes it 12-10 on a high bounce shot that was slowed down but fooled the goalie Another faceoff for LHP but Colling misses off the alley Colling gets one off the left wing but missed low far side and another shot hits the post.  PV gets possession on a great play by the sideline and on the fast break #3 goes right alley and hits the top left corner at 7:05 for 13-10 PV with the faceoff win Welch with the bouncer but LHP saves but the clear is missed and PV gets it back #30 works friom behind  the left and gets clear, going low far side at 5:43 for the 4 goal lead PV gets it back on the f/o Flag down and #21 takes the feed from behind and it is now a FIVE goal lead for PV with 5:11 left . . . flag waived off F/O LHP but then stripped, LHP looking to double.  #24 beats the double and gets to the front for the goal that makes it 16-10 with 4:38 left! LHP gets the faceoff but gets stripped and PV goes down the alley and hits the post PV keeps possession Shot side into the net and LHP gets it back Great defensive play by PV gets the ball back and they continue to press but Farwell makes the save. LHP clears and calls time with 2:53 left to go in the game.   Shot goes wide but LHP backs up Curl goes wide and PV gains possession Clear is good but they pass it out of bounds.  An LHP pass goes awry and PV gets it back with the outcome no longer in doubt Off a turnover the PV goalie stones the LHP shooter on the crease and possesiion is back to PV but the offesnse is getting sloppy and turns it back over A right alley shot sails over the cage #6 takes the feed in front and goes low right with 38 seconds left for 16-11 LHP wins the faceoff but gets stripped, PV throws it away   That’s it, PV wins! We are GUARANTEED to have a NEW champion, someone whio has never won before!