Lee’s Live Blog – Game Two – Vero Beach ad American Heritage-Delray!

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  Such an interesting matchup as we get the long-time champs in Vero against the upstart Stallions! Vero with the opening draw
Caitlyn Wurzburger
Caitlyn Wurzburger reached 100 goals and 100 assists for the season
And the first goal for #9 in the first minute of the game Heritage gets the second draw Only one senior and three juniors on AH-D Turnover Vero’s size advantage is very apparent #2 off the restart to make it 2-0 with 22 minutes left Vero with the draw Shjot wideHeritage with the steal #19 from #15 and AH-D is on the board with 18:37 left.  2-1!   IMG_9944Vero wins the draw again Open look in front but the shot is wide Turnover after an official conference but on the ride AH-D turns it over right in front and Vero makes it 3-1 Another Vero win on a procedure call Big save by AH-D goalie But a turnover and a restart in front and with 13:18 left it is now 4-1 Time out AH-D   Wurtzburger with the goal off a quick break from the faceoff and it is now 4-2.  Ripped it high top left. Another AH-D win on the draw, looking to cut it to one Wurtzburger stoned by the goalie and Vero heads out Restart but a big save on the crease and Heritage breaks out. Two turnovers and Heritage on the attack. Turns it back over but a Vero head check results in a penalty but Vero keeps possession . . . okay Vero turns it back over and Vero is offsides And it is now 4-3 as AH-Ds #21 makes it a one goal game with 3:26 left Draw violation by Vero, AH-D can tie it up!  Post! Still in possession. Restart but a big save! Vero on offense Fast break leaves #9 alone on the left and she makes it 5-3 with 1:26 left Draw Vero Vero with the give and go and #16 with the goal in front with 48 seconds left and it is now 6-3. Vero draw off the violation Another fast break but the shot goes wide An alleyoop to Gorman cutting down the middle and her one timer bounces high off the crossbar! AH-D comes down but can’t get the shot off and the half ends at 6-3!   Second Half   Vero with the draw First shot wide Feed to the crease but the goalie stones the attacker, Heritage on the clear Restart but a nice high to high save by Vero and a good clear And with 19:57 left #23 takes the feed from behind all the way in front and the one on one shot finds the bottom left for 7-3 A critical juncture for AH-D AH-D with the draw but a quick turnover Turnover for Vero and AH-D clears A feed to the middle goes awry and Vero gets it back A pass to the middle misses the target and AH-D tries to clear A clear attempt is picked off and #9 takes the feed in the middle and hits the net for 8-3 with 17 minutes left. AH-D’s kids might be wearing down in the heat and under the tough riding of Vero   Vero wins the draw but an errant pass goes out of bounds but it was deemed a shot so possession stays Vero A Vero miscue and AH-D clears A shot goes wide and Vero backs up A strip on the break and Heritage on offense A long possession with Vero playing tough and a shot goes wide, Heritag backs up A restart results in a shot over the net but another whistle sets up another shot and #3 gets the goal to make it 8-4. Time out Heritage with the draw Wurtzburger with the goal of the game, taking on about 4 players in the middle before spinning left and hitting the right side for 8-5 with 10:49 left Vero with the draw A big goal for Vero on a great backdoor cut by #23 and the feed hits her in stride for 9-5 at 9:43 Heritage draw and the fast break is stopped but the whistle gives the restart A nice look jsut misses the mark and Vero goes back on offense but Vero turns it over but Heritage can’t capitalize and Vero takes possession with 6:02 left   A Vero shot is stick checked and Heritage earns the ball An injury time out as #18 is hurt for Heritage Warding off on Heritage on the clear and Vero gets it back Vero looking to take some time off and draw the defense out Sot off the post and Heritage clears Goal called off for a lousy whistle almost after the shot A shot is blocked and Vero gets it back and with 2:07 on the clock #7 basically puts this one on ice on the restart and it is 10-5 Vero Vero on the draw A turnover and Heritage goes foward but loses the ball and Vero looks to kill the clock A nice save in close byt Vero with the restart #9 with the late Vero goal with 33 seconds left and it’s all over at 11-5. A restart off the draw and with 22 seconds left Vero makes it 12-5 with #14 scoring Wurzburger gets her 100th goals with 10 seconds left on the restart . . . ouch. We get to see her for another FOUR years, and AH-D is only 5 miles from my home.  Sweet.   I suspect we are going to see this game again next year.  And maybe AH-D remembers this last miunte . . .