Lee’s Live Blog From Jupiter – Game One – Olympia and Bartram Trail

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A few technical difficulties but we are now up and running.

Olympia and Bartram Trail will kick this one off

Alexis Marcionette
FLN Senior All Star Alexis Marcionette springts to the goal in second half action.

Pretty warm day for the game and the field will be hot.  Conditioning will play a factor.

Olympia with the first possession, a lengthy one but they were stoned on the doorstep on the first possession and Bartram turns them over.

Bartram with the first goal about 4 minutes in to the game.

Just 20 seconds later Olympia with the tying goal

Olympia with all 3 faceoff wins


Olympia with four whistled violations already

Collision at the 35 yard line, both okay

Big save off the fast break by Bartram goalie

Bartram holds on defense and goes down but Olympia goalie stones the attack near the crease

Bartram with the hard ride and steal, a good break missed wide.  Bartram player on the field.


Bartram free ball out front, off the post, goalie might have got a piece.

Bartram takes the lead as #1 takes a pass on the left and goes bottom right.

2-1 Bartram with 14 minutes left.  Teams are playing a little tight and defenses are quick to double if it presents itself

Olympia with the faceoff again, long possession, a shot off the post

Turned it over and a fast break results in a wide shot.

Water timeout with 11:08 left and the score is 2-1 Bartram.


Olympia with the back up but the fast break fizzles out.

#9 with the tying goal at 9:53 to go.  2-2.

Neither team has really found a rhythm and it looks like each will have to grind for each look.

Olympia again with the faceoff and break but the shot goes wide

Straight away free spot for Olympia

Left wing feed for Olympia but the short shot sails over the cage

Wide open shot in the middle goes wide

Bartram holds and gains possession near midfield but immediately both teams swap turnovers and Olympia’s #9 scores with 5:27 left to make it 3-2


Bartram again with the faceoff but an immediate interception

Finally, after a long possession, Bartram gets the equalizer at 2:54

3-3 late in the half.

Another faceoff and two turnovers.  Olympia with the shot wide and Bartram with the backup, but a loose clear results in Olympia gaining again

Less than a minute and Bartram with the fast break but a crease side save leads to Olympia going straight down and taking the lead with 30 seconds left on a clear look from the left side.

Olympia again and a break is finished by #9 for the 5-3 lead . . . back breaker with 8 seconds left.

A last Bartram faceoff win but the last second shot is turned away and we are 5-3 at halftime.


Sorry, technical difficulties and we are back online

8-6 olympia with 13 minutes left as Bartram got wihtin one.

Olympia with the draw but Bartram gets it back


Big save on the restart by Olympia with Bartram on the heavy ridef

Steal by Bartram with 10 minutes left and after the restart #7 wth the goal to make it a one-goal game again!


Again a key draw coming up.

Olympia with the win and will they press or take time off?

Easy answer.  #44 with the score on the right alley with a low shot that the goalie gets a piece but not enough


Bartram with the draw and fast break getting a restart

Shot wide

Another restart and another save!  And again!

olympia goalie standing tall!

One more restart for Bartram

But finally a turnover and #9 with the bounce shot with 6 minutes left to make it a 3-goal lead.  That could be the dagger.


Bartram not going away.  10-8 with 5:28 left

Again a big draw

And now a one goal game as #18 makes it 10-9!

Bartram starting to take over the draws

About 4 minutes left

Olympia with the key draw

Big save and Bartram ball!

Time out Bartram with 3:11 left

Turnover on the clear but Olympia loses possesion quickly

And with 2:10 left it is a TIE GAME!  #8 with the feed and low left shot!


Bartram with the draw!

And with 1:45 left Bartram’s #1 gives them the lead 11-10!

So much for daggers . . .

Olympia controls!

44 seconds and a restart for olympia

2 Big crease saves and 22 seconds left! Bartram ball!

11 seconds left and Olympai has it in their end


Bartram 11-10 with the huge comeback!