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Live Blog: The MLL Draft – Sunday 11:00am – Molloy #1! Salcido #8! Whipple #73!

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  Note: For those who want to watch, it will be live on the LSN network, which is running a free 14-day trail this week.   So, we are finally here.  Getting ready to bring you the picks! An exciting day to be a Launch fan!  Certainly better than last night, where they just had a dreadful game in a 19-7 loss to the Ohio Machine.  We’ll have that article later today. LSN’s broadcast duo predicting Rambo or Molloy with the 1st pick, we’ll see.  I’ve grouped this into three round buckets, so see under each bucket for the analysis. 11:06 – waiting for the draft to start, a nice crowd showing up at the site, which I believe is Toby Keith’s sports bar in Foxborough.  Maybe next year I’ll take the trip . . .  
Florida Launch     –     Dylan Molloy  A  Brown
Boston Cannons     –     Sergio Perkovic  M  Notre Dame
Charlotte Hounds     –     Matt Rambo  A  Maryland
Florida Launch     –     Nick Mariano M Syracuse
Chesapeake/Ohio     –     Trade to Ohio for #7/#12 – Ohio takes Connor Cannizarro A Denver
Atlanta Blaze/Denver     –     Trade to Denver for #9/#18/#36 and a player – takes Zach Currier M Princeton
Ohio Machine/Chesapeake     –     Jake Froccaro  M  Villanova
Florida Launch     –     Sergio Salcido  M  Syracuse
Denver Outlaws/Atlanta     –     Jake Withers  FOGO/M  Ohio State
Florida Launch    –     Tim Muller  D  Maryland
Chesapeake Bayhawks     –     Colin Heacock  A  Maryland
Ohio Machine/Chesapeake     –     Matt Rees  LSM  Navy
Rochester Rattlers     –     Eric Fannell  A  Ohio State
New York Lizards     –     Austin Pifani  D  North Carolina
Charlotte Hounds     –     Jack Adams  DM  Towson
Chesapeake Bayhawks     –     Isaiah Davis-Allen  DM  Maryland
Denver Outlaws     –     Larken Kemp  LSM  Brown
Denver Outlaws/Atlanta     –     Garrett Epple  D  Notre Dame
Chesapeake Bayhawks     –     Josh Byrne  A Hofstra
Atlanta Blaze     –     Christian Burgdorf  D  Denver
Atlanta Blaze     –     Adam Osika  M  Albany
Rochester Rattlers     –     Zed Williams  A  Virginia
Boston Cannons     –     Eric Scott  M  Yale
Charlotte Hounds     –     Brian Sherlock  M  Loyola
Florida Launch     –     Jarrod Neumann  D  Providence
Ohio Machine     –     Nick Fields  D  JHU
Charlotte Hounds     –     Brendan Hynes  D  Richmond
  The Launch go with Dylan Molloy, the 2016 Tewaaraton Trophy winner from Brown!  According to the LSN analysts the availability of Molloy certainly plays into the decision. Maybe if Cannizarro falls to #4 that could be an option too.  With Perkovic at #2 either Rambo or Cannizarro will be there at #4 Ho boy!  Tom Mariano choosing brother Nick at #4! Really interesting!  Left handed middie who can also play attack. Chesapeake taking their time.  And they trade #5 to Ohio for #7 and #12 so Ohio could add Connor Cannizzaro As we wait for Atlanta the LSN cameras panned to the Green Room and catch a couple of the kids waiting drinking some beers . . . :) Atlanta trades #6 to Denver for #9/#18/#36 and Brent Hiken.  Denver takes Zach Currier, one I was hoping Florida would take. Could Salcido fall to the Launch at #8?  Yes, he does.  Do the Launch double up on Syracuse? The horror of it all from this Hobart die hard . . . And it happens!  Florida native Sergio Salcido is coming home! Atlanta with a big shock at #9   2nd Round The Launch take Tim Muller at #10, the Maryland shut down defender!  Should be a 14-game availability.  Really loading up on toughness mentally! Heacock to Chesapeake, the Bayhawks love their Terps . . . and they have the next pick too.  And takes Matt Rees the LSM from Navy.  BIG. Another surprise as Eric Fannell goes to Rochester with #13, maybe higher than expected.  Playing very well in the NCAA tourney though. The NY Lizards make their first pick and it’s Austin Pifani, a real need for them.  They were exposed with older legs by Denver in the playoffs last year. Charlotte picks another of my favorites for the Launch in Jack Adams.  An SSDM who needs no help is worth a heck of a lot! Chesapeake with another Terp, Isaiah Davis-Allen Denver takes Larken Kemp, who slid a little.  Heck of a stick for an LSM.  Denver takes two players I slotted for the Launch.  Have to ask Tony about that one . . . And former Boca Jet Garrett Epple lands in Atlanta with #18   3rd Round The #25 is setting up very nicely for the Launch.  Lots of interesting defenders still left . . . Neumann, Firman, Fields, Tulett, Scales and Burgdorf still there . . . one of them WILL be available! Josh Byrne at #19, not a player on the Launch list. There goes Burgdorf. And now Adam Osika, who I was hoping would slide a little more to the Launch in the high 20’s.  Very solid two-way middie and a wing player on faceoffs. Zed Williams of Virginia to Rochester . . . the all time leading high school points scorer if memory serves The Launch now have 3 of the next seven picks and that will end my analysis phase in all likelihood (until the end).  There will likely now be multiple top defenders still available.  Another sleeper might be someone Kyle Devitte touted, Limestone FOGO Kevin Reisman.  And just maybe we’ll see some more local surprises?  Maybe Conor Whipple as a late rounder?  Michael Diener of Hofstra and Pine Crest?  Here’s a really long shot for the 10th round . . . Nick O’Leary . . . former AA at Dwyer.  What if his NFL career does not go further?  Could he pull a Will Yeatman? And it’s NEWMAN . . . no, actually Jarrod Neumann of Providence.  Love this pick, getting him here.  Did not expect him to fall to here!  Sorry for the cheap Seinfeld joke . . . Nick Fields to Ohio. As we come up on the 4th round, could we see a goalie and a FOGO for depth? Brendan Hynes to Charlotte rounds out this round and we come back to 2 Launch picks!  
Florida Launch     –     Ryan Drenner  A  Towson
Florida Launch     –     Alec Tullet  LSM  Brown
Chesapeake Bayhawks     –     Nick Aponte  A  Penn State
Charlotte Hounds     –     Cal Dearth  A/M  Boston University
Ohio Machine     –     Joe Seider  A  Towson
Charlotte Hounds     –     John Crawley  M  JHU
Denver Outlaws     –     Romar Dennis  M  Loyola
Ohio Machine     –     Dominick Calisto  D  Boston University
Denver Outlaws/Atlanta     –     Tate Jozokas  M  North Carolina
Florida Launch     –     Benny Pugh  G Richmond
Chesapeake Bayhawks     –     Ben Williams  FOGO  Syracuse
Rochester Rattlers     –     Jack Bruckner  A  Duke
Rochester Rattlers     –     Jack Curran  M  Villanova
Boston Cannons     –     Luke Goldstock  A  North Carolina
Charlotte Hounds     –     Tyler Mayes  LSM  Towson
New York Lizards     –     Scott Firman  D  Syracuse
Ohio Machine     –     Kevin Reisman  FOGO  Limestone
Denver Outlaws     –     Gavin McBride  A  Princeton
Chesapeake Bayhawks     –     Chris Fennell  D  Navy
Atlanta Blaze     –     Tom Moore  A  Binghamton
Chesapeake Bayhawks     –     Stephen Kelly  FOGO  North Carolina
Rochester Rattlers     –     Ryan McNamara  A  Marquette
Boston Cannons     –     Alex Corpolongo  M  Stony Brook
Charlotte Hounds     –     Cole Johnson  A  Army
New York Lizards     –     Tucker James  M  Bryant
Ohio Machine     –     Johnny Pearson  M  Ohio State
Denver Outlaws     –     Mike Schlosser  M  Michigan
  The Launch start Round 4 with Ryan Drenner of Towson, another of those who can play at ‘X’.  A great run in the NCAAs! And we add someone at #29 I liked much earlier!  Alec Tullet of Brown adds to the defense,  great ground ball player, can play the wing on the faceoff.  So far I have two players slotted that the Launch actually picked. Okay, I’ll just be noting the Launch picks from here on, unless there’s a Florida twist to another team’s pick. And another player I slotted for the Launch!  Benny Pugh at the top of Round 5!  Looking good. Reisman goes #44 overall. Former Jacksonville Dolphin Tom Moore goes at #46 to Atlanta I like Schlosser, think he has a shot at converting to DM.  
Florida Launch     –     Mike Tagliaferi  M  North Carolina
Denver Outlaws     –     Tanner Scales  D  Virginia
Chesapeake Bayhawks     –     Kyle Mumau  D  Bryant
Rochester Rattlers     –     Frank Brown  A  Hobart!!!!!
Boston Cannons     –     Charlie Fay  A  Bates
Charlotte Hounds     –     Tyler Young  M  Towson
Denver Outlaws     –     Max Adler  FOGO  Bentley
New York Lizards     –     Thomas Zenker  M  Duke
Ohio Machine     –     Tyler Pfister  M  Ohio State
Florida Launch     –     Mike Lynch  M  Towson
Denver Outlaws     –     Tom Carey  G  Ohio State
Chesapeake Bayhawks     –     Nick Mannes  M  Maryland
Rochester Rattlers     –     Kyle Rowe  M  Duke
Boston Cannons     –     Ian Yanulis  M  Duke
Charlotte Hounds     –     Connor Reed  M  JHU
New York Lizards     –     Jeff Reh  M  Stony Brook
Ohio Machine     –     JT Blubaugh  M  Ohio State
Denver Outlaws     –     Matt Florence  M  Penn State
Florida Launch     –     Connor Whipple  A  Tampa
Atlanta Blaze     –     Bryan Massie  M  Sacred Heart
Chesapeake Bayhawks     –     Brett Bedard  M  UNC
Rochester Rattlers     –     Cody Radowiecz  M  JHU
Boston Cannons     –     Brendan Dooley  M  Springfield College
Charlotte Hounds     –     Danny Sweeney  D  Villanova
New York Lizards     –     JD Recor  A  Marist
Ohio Machine     –     Andy Dimicci  M  Marquette
Denver Outlaws  –  Colin Massa  D  Mercer
  Tagliaferi at#55??  Before the season he was being thought of as a Top 20 player . . . Frank Brown at #58 to Rochester!!!! Statesman RULE!!!!!!!! Mike Lynch of Towson to the Launch at #64 . . . kind of looking for some sort of niche at this point Max Adler of Bentley to Denver in the 7th round . . . brother of former STA goalie Michael!!! Yep, Connor Whipple is now a Launch draftee! JD Recor the only player drafted so far from that powerful Bishop Timon team that came down to play Saint Andrew’s in 2012.  Of course, Connor Fields is only a junior . . .  
Florida Launch     –     Grant Hughes  D  Florida Tech
Atlanta Blaze     –     Connor Hansen  G  Kennesaw State
Chesapeake Bayhawks     –     Joe French  A  Virginia
Rochester Rattlers     –     Ryan Lee  A  RIT
Boston Cannons     –     Tom Hughes  FOGO/M  Endicott
Charlotte Hounds     –     Graham Savio  FOGO/M  Loyola
New York Lizards     –     Joe Catalanoti  D  Adelphia
Ohio Machine     –     Tanner Landstra  D  High Point
New York Lizards     –     Jack Carrigan  D  Loyola
  And another local product for the Launch as Grant Hughes of FIT is the 10th round pick! A Kennesaw State goalie?  That’s got to be a first! And Mr. Irrelavent is . . . not sure, the LSN broadcast froze! Jack Carrigan  D  Loyola takes that honor!