Oxbridge Advances From District 21 With 17-7 Win Over King’s Academy

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Thanks to Peter Ranta for submitting the game report

Last night both contestants were anxious to get the game started. The evening sky looked like it was ready to deliver a blow to this game starting under the lights @ 7 pm at Cardinal Newman HS field. Luckily the rain kept to a mere drizzle and there was not much slipping and sliding going on the field.

King’s Academy entered the field with something to prove carrying over the momentum from its earlier last second win over Cardinal Newman just two days ago.

Oxbridge was trying to build on their team coming together in their previous win against Suncoast HS.

It was Oxbridge who got the scoring started, again, by controlling the face-off and maintaining the ball possession. After few fast breaks and a dodge from the top Oxbridge was up quickly 5-0. Jonathan Neale # 4 scored for Kings Academy with a shot from the top left to bring the score 5-1. After the first quarter the score was 7-2 in favor of Oxbridge.

Two of the prettiest, but not necessary the easiest goals, were scored by the Oxbridge middies. For their 4th goal from the face-off it was won after a third effort by Oxbridge #6 Zach Ranta who gained a fast break form the top and, chased by two Kings Academy middies, buried the rock with a decisive shot into the left corner of the goal.

The other one was done by Oxbridge #10 Austin Rocca who, after a face-off possession, dodged to the right and then to the left and finally reversing to the right and scored with a well-placed shot for Oxbridge.

Second quarter scoring was started by King’s Academy # 14Kyle Saccal who sailed an unassisted shot from 15 yards out to beat the Oxbridge goalie, #1 Ethan Randell. This gained King’s Academy a bit of momentum because soon thereafter their attackman #4 Jonathan Neal caught a pass from the top and did not hesitate to make it count for 7-4 score.




But the momentum only lasted for a short while until Oxbridge #20 Robert Bayless, on a dodge to the left scored. A few minutes later,#20 Robert Bayless, again got a pass from #11 Tyler Jerd and deposited it decisively in to the net. Score 9-4 to Oxbridge. Before half-time Oxbridge got goals from #23 Liam Lisec with hard work near the crease, #11 Tyler Jerd from a Skyler Saffner feed and #19 Bobby Killian from a #12 Terrell Seabrooks feed.

King’s was able to convert one from an periphery shot by # 15 Nate Cannon.

End of 3rd Quarter Oxbridge Academy 12 – Kings Academy 5.

During the 4th quarter Oxbridge Academy played relaxed, smart lacrosse where moving the ball kept it in possession carefully looking for opportunities. A costly clearing error by the Oxbridge defense allowed Kings Academy to capitalize and cut the lead, but the contest ended with Oxbridge 17 – King’s Academy 7.

The win for Oxbridge was truly a team effort. Ball possession favored Oxbridge and face-off performance was solid. Middies showed up last night and provided a nice balance to the offence. The team kept the mistakes to a minimum. This win secured this two year old program a state of Florida Lacrosse District #21 championship. Not bad considering that last year people kept asking : “Oxbridge; Who?”

Congratulations to Coach Stan Ross and the players.