Ponte Vedra Improves to 19-0 As They Take District 6

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Above photo courtesy of Lynn Damm Photography Although Head Coach Tom West claims the fist 17 games no longer count, the Sharks of PV are now 19-0. Reid Smith followed up is 9 goal performance on Tuesday with a 5 goal and 3 assist effort against Nease.  Matt Keeler added 4 goals while Andrew O’Dare scored 3 goals and 2 assists. Clay Welch had 3 goals, 1 assist, CD James scored twice and had two assists while Jack Burke added two goals and an assist. After his 9 goal outburst against Fleming Island I asked Reid Smith about his practice habits. “So, do you just take your reps in practice and call it a week?”  I admit, I had a pretty good idea what his answer was going to be but I thought young aspiring youth lacrosse shooters should get the truth straight from the guys who score the goals. “Definitely out of practice…me and Matt Keeler, he’s my best friend, we go shoot pretty much every day.”  Hmmmm.  Smith and Keeler combined for nine goals last night.  I wonder if there is a correlation there. He also added something that should put all of PV’s opponents down the play off stretch on alert.  “Of all my years at PV this is the best chemistry.  We all just love each other.”  PV has had some great teams and this is the best one yet.  These guys having been saying this since the first week and I am a believer.