Stoneman Takes District 27 With 16-5 Win Over Pine Crest

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thanks to Jeff Horwitz for the info and pictures


Max Buckner with 8 goals 1 assist

Kevin Horwitz with 1 goal

Faceoffs set up 2 fast break scores and won 18 of 22

Jason Wyner with 13 saves played extremely well



Kyle Gurr, a D-pole scored on an unassisted goal from the defensive end.

Stoneman came out strong and never looked back took a 4-0 lead till the end of the first quarter and just mounted a dominating game on both sides of the ball.  In the fourth quarter Pine Crest let their frustration show to the point they had multiple men in the penalty box.

The game ended with the score of 16-5.

Looks like Stoneman is ready to take on the Boys from St Thomas; it is going to be a war and a great game.