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Q&A With Brett Queener

Written by Lee Roggenburg on . Posted in .
FLN’s newest contributor, Jacob Pasternack, was able to get an interview with Launch goalie Brett Queener after the Saturday home loss against Chesapeake.  We welcome Jacob to the fold and look forward to him continuing to contribute to the web site!
  By Jacob Pasternack After a tough 14-13 loss at the hands of the Chesapeake Bayhawks, the downcast looks that so often plaster the faces of Launch players this season appeared once again.  Unsurprisingly, Brett Queener, the reserve goalie for the Launch, lived up to his talkative reputation and decided to participate in an interview with Florida Lacrosse News. Beware, these questions are answered in ways only Brett Queener could construct.   Q:  What college did you attend? A: “I attended the University of Albany”.   Q: What year did you become a professional lacrosse player? A: “I became a pro in 2008.”   Q:  How did you get started in lacrosse? A: “My family was big into lacrosse, my father especially, and that really drew me to the sport.”   Q: Who inspired you to play lacrosse? A: “My father.”   Q: Why did you choose lacrosse over other sports? A: “Don’t get it wrong, I played other sports, but I felt I was better at lacrosse compared to other sports.”   Q: Who’s game do you try to mirror the most? A: “I just go out there and try to be myself.”   Q: Why did you pick the college you attended? A: “I went to Albany because of lacrosse.”   Q: What is your favorite lacrosse memory? A: “Playing lacrosse with my family.”   Q: What is one thing you most want to accomplish in the sport that you haven’t done yet? A: “I’ve always wanted to play on the moon.”   Q: What is your favorite pre-game meal? A: “A peanut-butter and jelly sandwich.”   Q: What is your favorite sports team outside of lacrosse? A: “The New York Giants.”   Q: Who is your favorite musician?   A: “I like whatever is on the radio.”   Q: What is your favorite sports movie? A: “I loved Rudy.”   Q: Lastly, what is something you cannot live without? A: “[laughs] My heart.”