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Team USA vs Notre Dame Offered a Look at the New Rules

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Coach Meade getting the offense on the same page.
Coach Meade getting the offense on the same page.
When Team USA and Notre Dame took the field this morning there were more than just a few NCAA officials  coaches, and other personalities standing by to see just what effect the new rules would have on the game.  The game, it turned out, looked a lot like a great lacrosse game. But it didn’t have much to do with the new rules.  There were some great athletes on both teams playing good lacrosse. The first half was all defense.  USA had the speed and rode hard, making it difficult for the Irish to get much offense going.  However, a few penalties on USA lead to three Irish EMO goals in the first half.  USA had plenty of possession time but the Irish defense was standing tall.  USA found very few favorable one on one match ups and high percentage shot opportunities were
Quint Kessenich and I.  I think it's time for a new hat!
Quint Kessenich and I. I think it’s time for a new hat!
few and far between. The US Team was able to get into a groove in the third quarter and put their superior speed and experience to good use.  The Irish played tough the entire game and were never out of it, but never got the offense really clicking against a very large and fast Team USA defense. As far as the new rules go, in our opinion the new “stall warning/shot clock” thing is going to need some tweaking.  The slowest part of the game continues to be the lengthy substitutions after a new possession   We saw only one stall warning given in the game.  It was called against Team USA after an extensive substitution stall.  Even then, it took some considerable coaxing from Corrigan (Notre Dame) to get the call.  We were all set to see the 30 second countdown but we couldn’t tell who was keeping track of the time and Team USA scored about seven seconds into the warning.  So we were left looking for drama that never came.
Florida coaches Adam Silva and Stan Ross working with Team USA defense.
Florida coaches Adam Silva and Stan Ross working with Team USA defense.
Corrigan commented to after the game, “”There’s a tremendous amount of uncertainty,” Corrigan said. “I hate that we don’t have a visible shot clock. It’s beyond stupid. I can’t even fathom how you put a shot clock into the game, but then make an invisible shot clock.” The game was finished in 1hr and 48min.  That’s a pretty brisk pace.  We loved the lack of horns and the huge substitution area.  The larger substitution box appeared to allow teams to get players in and out without need the horn.  It was busy!