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Tonight’s The Night – Boca vs. Benjamin – Ely Family Fundraiser

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  We are re-running the article for tonight’s game.   Our lacrosse community shows time and again that when the need is there, so are we.  Boca Raton High School is asking for our help for one of their own.  We have been provided the following information by a parent of one of the Boca High lacrosse players and pass it on to our readers:
Our community is joining together to assist the Ely family, which has suffered an unexpected tragedy with the sudden loss of their father Keith. Led by B.R.H.S. boys Lacrosse team, we are striving to make a difference.
Being brief and to the point, when Keith Ely suffered a fatal heart attack, he left behind his wife and five boys, and they are in need of immediate help. We are not asking for donations. We are only asking that we as a community come together in this time of need and show our support to achieve a simple goal:
We are gathering as many friends and neighbors as possible to attend an upcoming Lacrosse game. The game will be played at Boca Raton Community High School on Tuesday, April 8 at 6:00 PM (JV) and 8:00 PM (Varsity), where we will be charging $10 for admission. ALL attendance proceeds will go directly to the family for their immediate needs. I realize that everywhere we turn someone has their hand out, but this is different. This isn’t for team shirts or new helmets or a new goal post, this is about helping a family in need during the toughest of times. I hear people say; “I should do something, I should take them dinner, I should offer to help.” These “Shoulds” need to become “Wills” for this family. Even with our support this family still has a long road ahead. Please come out and watch a great game of Lacrosse and support this family. Bring your family and friends with you in an effort to bring a full house to Bobcat stadium. Please, make this a priority, put it on your schedule, your showing up will matter to the family…. we need to turn this SHOULD into WILL!! It’s for a great cause and will be a great evening shared within our community. More importantly, this is not a national campaign, this is a grassroots effort, so forward this event to those you can count on to help. We would prefer your attendance, however we understand prior obligations. If you would like to help with a monetary donation please send to: The Ely Family
C/O St. Marks Greek Orthodox Church
2100 NW 51st Street
Boca Raton, FL 33431
We would like to thank all of you in advance for taking this opportunity to honor this family with your presence. A flyer has been added below with the details of the event. Also, the same flyer is attached as a PDF for those that need to view it as an attachment. A Family in Our Community Needs Our Support
May God Bless you and your Family.