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Update on the Duval County Funding Situation – We need to donate through Lighthouse Lacrosse to keep the sport alive in Duval County! Dinner planned for Friday October 7th – mark your calenders

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We covered the mess made by the Duval County head bowling fan and Director of Athletics in a previous article and today we received an update. Thanks to Coach Janine Brand at Mandarin High School for bringing us up to speed. The decision made by the county was to defund the sports on their list: cross-country, golf, wrestling, slow pitch softball, lacrosse, and tennis. Each sport is responsible for raising the money for the entire school district for that sport. Golf, cross country, and tennis are already funded for this year through donations and fundraisers. Each sport must have a 501c3 collecting the donations and then that money must be sent to the district. Lacrosse is using Lighthouse Lacrosse for all donations and fundraising. Lacrosse has two major fundraisers planned. The first is coming very soon. It is a benefit dinner. Individuals can purchase tickets through Lighthouse Lacrosse. There is also an option for individuals and companies to sponsor the event and/or send items or service to be auctioned. The second event is in November and will be a skills clinic. I have included the electronic invite for the dinner below. Anyone who would like to donate to Keep Lax in Jax may do so through Lighthouse Lacrosse at anytime. The deadline for our sport is December 31st.