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Yuck . . . Launch Fall to Blaze 17-4

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Author’s Note:  I was going to write this one up like I do high school games and had my pen and pads in my lap and ready to go but as the game progressed I thought better of it and will just go with the Launch’s post-game recap.  Suffice to say this was one of those nights.  The simple fact is that the Launch scored one goal in the last 47 minutes of the game.  And after the first goal when Dylan Molloy found Nick Mariano in the middle of the defense for the goal the offense descended into a parade of one on one play as each player tried to put the team on their back as the score mounted, but until the team incorporates more motion and more off ball cuts the offense will be susceptible to games like this.  The team certainly missed converting on a number of dodging attempts where they got a good look but this league will adapt quickly if this is the sole way to attack. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Sergio Salcido’s Tweet (I believe it has been since deleted) after he was scratched before the game.  It’s one thing to show passion about not playing and if he had left it at that no one would have said anything.  But the last point about shooting more and passing less was not the best way to get across the point.  No one has written more positively about Sergio as I have (as well as in Podcasts like the Inside Lacrosse one I did) but there’s a point where you have to remember it’s a team sport. The All Star break comes at a good time for the Launch, as they will have two weeks to get healthy and to re-think the latter part of the season.  Four games left and 3-1 should definitely make the playoffs, where anything can happen.  A chance to regroup and look for adjustments.
  via the Launch web site   Launch Fall to Blaze, Split Season Series   Struggling to find the back of the net, the Launch were held to a season-low four goals against the Atlanta Blaze in a 17-4 loss on the road Saturday night. Despite starting off in a back-and-forth shooting match with the Blaze, the Launch quickly lost traction in the second quarter. After three early goals from Nick Mariano, Chazz Woodson, and Tim Edwards kept the Launch even with the Blaze through the final seconds of the first, the Blaze quickly took the advantage over the Launch, holding them scoreless in the second quarter. Entering the second half with a 6-3 deficit, Florida’s hopes of closing the scoring gap were quickly thwarted by an unwavering Blaze offense, who went on an eight goal scoring streak that lasted well into the third quarter. Defenseman Alec Tulett broke the Launch’s scoring drought with a goal late in the third, closing out the Launch’s scoring. In the cage, Austin Kaut remained consistent, saving 17 out of 32 goals for a .531 save percentage. The Launch return to FAU Stadium on July 15 to take on the Chesapeake Bayhawks. During halftime, the Launch will honor lacrosse legend and former player Casey Powell by retiring his No. 22. For tickets, call 561-923-9067 or visit