#1 Tampa Hosts Clinic at Home Against #19 Wildcats

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TAMPA, Fla. – The No.1 ranked University of Tampa Spartans men’s lacrosse team hosts a clinic as they defeat the No.19 Wildcats at home.


Final: No. 1 Tampa 25, No. 19 Wilmington (Del.) 5

Records: Tampa Spartans (2-0), Wilmington University (Del.) Wildcats (0-1)

Location: Naimoli Family Athletic Complex || Tampa, FL



The first quarter would open with Harry Kilkowski sinking a shot from Daniel Fitzpatrick to put the Spartans in the lead. Less than one minute later, the Wildcats found the back of the net to tie the game at one goal a-piece. The Spartans netted back to back goals from Charlie Bolesh and Owen Miller, causing the Wildcats to call a timeout. Kilkowski would net his second of the game right after the timeout, and freshman Gavin Bomstad recorded a goal off a pass from Daniel Fitzpatrick to build the lead to four goals. With just over two minutes left to play, the Spartans had a five goal lead over the Wildcats, behind freshman Jackson Bashaw‘s goal. The Spartan offense exploded in the quarter, putting them in a six goal lead headed into the second. 

14:12 – Harry Kilkowski assisted by Daniel Fitzpatrick

12:21 – Charlie Bolesh, unassisted

11:54 – Owen Miller, unassisted

11:46 – Harry Kilkowski, assisted by Canyon Birch

10:59 – Gavin Bomstad, assisted by Daniel Fitzpatrick 

 9:13 – Max Manniello, assisted by Harry Kilkowski

 6:46 – Max Manniello, unassisted

 3:51- Jackson Bashaw, assisted by Daniel Fitzpatrick

1:34 – Canyon Birch, assisted by Nick Papa

Score: 9-3 Tampa


The second quarter would begin slower than the first, with each teams’ defense playing well. Jackson Day opened the scoring for the quarter, off a pass from Fitzpatrick in front of the net. Just under three minutes later, Kilkowksi netted his third of the game to put the Spartans up by eight goals, causing a timeout to be called by Wilmington. Miller netted his second goal of the matchup with just under seven minutes left to play before the half. The Tampa offense continued to explode throughout the quarter, with Matthew Beddow netting a late shorthanded goal. Heading into halftime, the Spartans had a 12 goal lead over Wilmington.

11:12 – Jackson Day, assisted by Daniel Fitzpatrick

8:26 – Harry Kilkowski, assisted by Charlie Bolesh

6:49 – Owen Miller, unassisted 

5:43 – Luke McAnaney, assisted by Canyon Birch

2:12 – Matthew Beddow, unassisted 

1:02 – Gavin Bomstad, assisted by Daniel Fitzpatrick

0:36 – Jackson Bashaw, assisted by Canyon Birch

Score: 16-4 Tampa


The second half would begin with Alex Poma controlling the face off, setting up Canyon Birch‘s second goal of the matchup. The Spartans continued to dominate, leading 20-4 with just over eight minutes left in the quarter. Tampa’s dominate play would give them a very comfortable lead headed into the final 15 minutes.

14:40 – Canyon Birch, unassisted

12:35 – Owen Miller, unassisted 

12:13 – Jackson Bashaw, assisted by Luke McAnaney

8:21 – A.J. Pascarella, unassisted

4:02 – Nicky Palermo, unassisted

Score: 21-4 Tampa


The Spartans would score early in the final 15 minutes, with Kellen Hoke finding Ronan Sanchez in front of the net to build the Tampa lead to 18 goals. Tampa would prove too much for the Wildcats to handle.

14:02 – Ronan Sanchez, assisted by Kellen Hoke 

12:27 – Evan Gibbs, assisted by Tate Watts

9:11 – Evan Gibbs, assisted by Grant Green

1:34 – Anthony Cimino, unassisted

Final: 25-5 Tampa


UP NEXT: The Spartans will remain home as they welcome Flagler on Wednesday at 4:00 p.m.