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2023 NFHS Girls Lacrosse Rules Interpretation Video

via YouTube, for information/training purposes

From the NFHS website:

2023 Girls Lacrosse Points of Emphasis

  1. Sportsmanship
  2. Knowledge of the Rules
  3. Dangerous Use of Stick

Also from the NFHS website:

Girls Lacrosse Rules Changes – 2023

By NFHS on July 18, 2022

2-4-4a: Eliminates the requirement to apply pressure to the ball in the pocket during crosse inspection.
Rationale: Ensures the method of checking pocket depth is done in a consistent manner by all officials.

5-2-5d: Players may not step on or over the restraining lines after the official’s hand is in contact with the sticks at the draw until the restraining line is released regardless of number of players between the restraining lines.
Rationale: Assists with game management during the draw.  

5-4-1: Allows a player that is fouled outside the critical scoring area to take the free position and self-start within 4-meters of the spot of the foul.
Rationale: Improves pace of the game by allowing self-starts to occur within 4-meters of the spot of the foul rather than within playing distance.

5-4-5c; 9-1a, b and e-r PENALTIES 2; 10-1 PENALTIES 2: Allows the defensive player awarded a free position to self-start when there is a foul by an attack player within the critical scoring area unless the game clock is stopped.
Rationale: Improves pace of the game.

5-5-1f: Eliminates alternate possession for offsetting fouls when one of the fouls requires the issuance of a card.
Rationale: Creates a more appropriate penalty assessment by awarding possession to the team that was not issued a card.  

7-1-2c: Allows the goalkeeper to carry the ball into the goal circle after it has been cleared and played.
Rationale: Allows another option for the goalkeeper to return to the goal circle with the ball.

10-1y PENALTIES: Moves administration of a free position for a three-second violation from the spot of the ball to the 12-meter fan when the ball is outside the critical scoring area and above the goal line extended.
Rationale: Creates a more appropriate penalty assessment for the infraction.

2023 Girls Lacrosse Major Editorial Changes
11-1-1 – Replaces references to “slow whistle” with the terms “held whistle” or “flag” for clarity.

2023 Girls Lacrosse Editorial Changes
1-1-4l; 2-2-4; 2-9-4; 4-6; 10-1y PENALTIES; 12-8-3b; 13-Definitions-Clear, Running Clock, Stop Clock