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300 and Counting – Florida Sports HOF Still Without a Lacrosse Member

Okay, it’s not a putdown article, but a call to action by our community. The Florida Sports Hall of Fame announced their 2023 Induction Ceremony for November 8th in Jacksonville (LINK) and the Class of 2023 is:

2023 Class:

LeRoy Butler – Football
Vince Carter – Basketball
Greg Coleman – Football
Tom Coughlin – Football Coach
Jeff Johnson – Baseball Coach
Ashlyn Harris – Soccer
Shannon Miller – Gymnastics

I looked through the entire database and not one lacrosse connection, unless you count Jeremy Foley, the former AD at Florida, who certainly was a driving force in developing the Gator’s program.

So, I reached out to the Board, and they’ve asked for a few nominations. There’s obviously more than a few when you take into account all the great coaches and players, and the support points of our sport, like referees and pioneers of the sport. They obviously need a solid tie to our state, and I sent a number of names for them to consider.

If you want to attend the event in Jacksonville (there’s a few to choose from), click on the link and see what interests you.

Hopefully, 2024 will see lacrosse take its rightful place among the inductees!

As far as who I nominated, my first three were two coaches and one player, and 11 more for future years. Let’s see . . .