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AH Delray Girls 2025 Ava Howell Commits to UMass-Lowell!

Congratulations to Ava on her college choice and good luck in the future!

Ava Howell

Graduation Year

High School
American Heritage High School Boca/Delray


College Choice
U Mass Lowell

Why did you choose this college?
I chose U Mass Lowell because when I arrived on campus I was immediately welcomed. When spending time with coaches and the team it just felt right. Then when I was able to talk to some of the professors and leadership in my field of interest I realized that it was exactly where I wanted to be for my under-grad.

What Advice Would You Give Those Starting the Recruiting Process?
Some advice I would give is to not stress too much. Everyone will find their place and don’t forget to be open minded. A school may reach out that you may have never thought was an option and it might end up being the school you choose to spend your first four years of college at.

Who Would You Like to Thank for Getting You to Here?
I would like to thank my parents and family for continuing to support me through my entire journey. No matter how hard or frustrating the process got they were always there to encourage and help me. Whether it was my siblings spending their weekends at the field, or my mom helping to set things up with my teammates, they were always in my corner.

What are your first memories of the sport?
My first memories of playing lacrosse was finding an old all leather stick in my garage and asking my dad what it was. When he told me that it was a lacrosse stick and showed me how it worked I was immediately interested. After just throwing around with him after school and on the weekends I got my first stick for my birthday and that’s where it all began. I signed up for rec and loved it.

What is Your Stick Brand? And Why?
My stick brand is epic because I enjoy how light and thin they make their shafts as well as the coating they spray it in. It helps with grip so I don’t have to use tape which can be a hassle when wet or old. I also enjoy the 15 degree head that I have strung by Gary Gaits sister. I have it strung by them because they have an option for a combined leather and regular strung head which I prefer over mesh because of the control it allows.

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