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JU Men’s Lacrosse Announces Captains Ahead of 2024 Season

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via JU press release/website, by Alex Kerstetter

JACKSONVILLE, Fla.- Jacksonville men’s lacrosse head coach has announced the team’s four captains ahead of the 2024 season. All four captains are seniors and have been with the program their entire career.

“I am proud and confident to announce the captains for the 2024 men’s lacrosse mission,” said coach Galloway. “This group of young men has come to exemplify the leadership we will need to achieve our goals this season. Their daily buy-in, competitive edge, and willingness to start, compete, and finish everything we do this year has earned them the trust of the coaches and players in the locker room.

Jacob Greiner will serve as a captain for the third time in his career. He has elevated the standard for our guys on and off the field. He may be the most reliable young man we have ever had in the program. His consistency and passion for greatness is contagious.

Tucker Garrity may be the most competitive player in our locker room. His edge, tenacity, and fire in his belly makes our guys all work with a greater sense of urgency. His leadership is quiet and powerful.

Seth Hogue is a commander of this program. He demands excellence from himself on the field and in the classroom. His work ethic is unmatched. He has served in so many roles for this team, and his promotion to this role couldn’t be more deserved. We will follow Seth anywhere.

Danny May brings this group together. His willingness to spend time with every member of the locker room is uncanny. He cares about the concept of team, and he goes out of his away to ensure that we are the closest program in the country. Danny brings a lightheartedness to our team that is needed, but he demands respect when necessary.”

Greiner was named captain for the third consecutive season. The redshirt senior is the program’s leading goal scorer, with 109 goals tallied thus far. He has appeared in 47 contests for JU and has a career total of 149 points.

“It’s an absolute honor to be trusted by my teammates and coaches to be one of our leaders this season,” said Greiner. “It is humbling to be in this position, and it is not something that I take lightly. We have an amazing group of guys that I am grateful and excited to push everyday alongside Tuck, Dan and Seth.”

Garrity is a true senior who is a first-time captain. He’s made 46 appearances across three seasons for the Dolphins and has scooped up 91 groundballs and caused 51 turnovers, which includes career bests in both categories with 41 and 26 recorded, respectively. He’s also recorded 38 points in his career.

“After seeing the caliber of other leaders of this program, it’s an honor to be chosen as a captain,” said Garrity. “I’m grateful to be trusted by my teammates to lead this group. I wouldn’t be in the position as a leader without the great ones who have come before me.”

Hogue is a senior serving as captain for the first time in his career. He’s from Corning, New York and has appeared in 14 games across three seasons for the Dolphins. He’s scooped up five ground balls and caused three turnovers.

“I am beyond grateful to be named a captain,” said Hogue. “Grateful for the past teammates who showed me the way. Grateful for my current teammates, who inspire me. Grateful for the opportunity to leave a legacy of hard work and positive energy for the future of this program. I can’t wait to see the things we will accomplish together.

May is a senior from Toronto, Ontario. He’s played in 11 games for the dolphins and has recorded 14 points in his career. He’s recorded two hattricks in his year to go along with a matching three ground balls and caused turnovers.

“I’m extremely grateful to be named a captain alongside three tremendous people,” said May. “I’m truly humbled to have the trust of my teammates and hope to continue building upon the legacy left by captains that have come before me. As they all had a profound impact on my life during my time here, I hope I can have a similar effect on my teammates while we strive to take this program to new heights.”

The Dolphins are currently in fall ball after having a 2023 season that saw them claim the second most regular season games in program history. Their spring schedule is set to be released at a later date.