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AH Delray Girls 2025 Emma Hrzich Commits to Penn!

Congratulations to Emma for her college commitment and good luck in the future!

Emma Hrzich

Graduation Year

High School
American Heritage High School Boca/Delray Campus


College Choice
University of Pennsylvania

Why did you choose this college?
I chose the University of Pennsylvania because it has superior academics and an excellent lacrosse program. I felt at home when I walked around the campus. The campus is beautifully set in the city, and the culture of the team is not selfish play. The team is hardworking as a unit and has one goal–to win.

What Advice Would You Give Those Starting the Recruiting Process?
The advice I would give to those starting the recruiting process is to take your time. Enjoy the moment and go on visits. See the school and meet the players. Don’t get upset if your top school didn’t call–there’s a school out there for you. Breathe and take it all in because this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Also, don’t give up. Keep emailing schools, and most importantly, keep grinding on the field and during your off hours. It will pay off in the end.

Who Would You Like to Thank for Getting You to Here?
I would like to thank all my coaches, especially John McClain, who believed in me and pushed me to be the best player I could be. Also, I could not have gotten here without my parents because they have supported me every step of the way, and they are my biggest fans. They helped me understand the importance of working as a team but most importantly, to stay humble on and off the field.

What are your first memories of the sport?
My favorite memory from the sport is meeting all my forever friends that I have known for many years. I also love competing against the top teams and winning together. It is fun celebrating all the victories. I will hold all these awesome memories close to my heart forever.

What is Your Favorite Memory From Your High School Career?
My favorite memory from my high school career is bringing home the State Championship last year with my teammates. It felt amazing winning, and the whole team worked together to win. I love celebrating with all of them. It was such a great feeling.

What is Your Stick Brand? And Why?
My stick brand is Nike. I use all mesh because I love the way it shoots. The ball fits perfectly in the pocket.

Which Lacrosse Player Do You Most Want to Have a Meal With and Why?
I would love to have a meal with Katie Hoeg from UNC because she is an attacker like me, and is a great facilitator. I would ask her about the different types of training she has done and what she does extra to stand out among all the other great players. I would love to work with her, so she could critique me and give me some pointers.

Do You Watch College & Pro Games and What Are You Watching for to Make You a Better Player?
I really enjoy watching college lacrosse because it gets me excited that one day I will be on a college field playing the sport I love. I watch all the players in my position, and I like to watch their moves, so I can try them on my own. Also, I like to watch the defenders, so I can come up with different strategies to beat them.

What’s Your Go-To Meal After a Game?
After a game, I love Chipotle, pasta, or an acai bowl.

What’s the One Thing Your Teammates Would be Surprised to Know About You?
My teammates would be surprised I like to sing in the shower.

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