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Allie Modica’s Blog From the IWLCA Senior All Star Game

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Author’s Note:  FIT graduating senior Allie Modica agreed to write an article about her experience with the IWLCA Senior All Star Game for NCAA Division II and here it is!  FLN thanks Allie for all her hard work this season in providing an insight into what it is like to play NCAA lacrosse.  We have provided the links to all of her writings this season below, with her latest article to follow!
  Blog #1 – An Intro With the Emphasis on Running for training Blog #2 – The Process of Recruiting Blog #3 – Why We Play The Game Blog #4 – Putting The Time In Blog #5 – Game Day Rituals   IWLCA Senior All-Star Game One last game. Probably the hardest words an athlete can hear and think about. All season this phrase almost haunted me as it quickly approached, however, my playing career didn’t end after Florida Tech’s NCAA loss as I thought it would. I was extremely fortunate enough to be selected for the IWLCA Senior All-Star Game at US Lacrosse Headquarters in Maryland this past weekend. I was so excited and energized to get the chance to play with some of the best players in the country and get out on the field one final time. I arrived Friday afternoon to US Lacrosse Headquarters before practice to go through the US Lacrosse Museum and Hall of Fame. For all lacrosse fans, I truly recommend the trip. I walked through the evolution of sticks, Team USA’s uniforms, equipment and all the players that changed and grew the game to what we know today. Then I headed to the extraordinary Tierney Field, where I was face to face with my rivals from my playing career, girls I never thought I’d be on a team with. But in this meeting there was no tension, just fun energy and laid back seniors who love the sport of lacrosse as much as I do. We scrimmaged the north team and got familiar playing with each other. The atmosphere was unlike anything I’ve experienced because there was no hostility or overly competitive attitudes on the field, everyone was there to just play and have fun together which was amazing.  We were no longer battling each other for a win or trying to impress anyone like in a showcase game or tournament, this game was purely to celebrate our love for the sport and going out with a last hoorah. We had dinner Friday night together to bond and talk about our teams and all the great times (and hard) that this sport has given us. You never think your biggest rivals have anything in common with you, but it was refreshing to talk about similar experiences playing with all the seniors that have gone through it all too. Saturday was game day! I got to the field for pregame warm ups and received the uniform for the game, representing Team South head to toe. After a little locker room time, we warmed up, watched some of the Division I game and quickly got on the field for game time. It was two 30-minute running clock halves, so the game went by pretty fast. Although the North got the win, I really enjoyed this weekend because it wasn’t about showing off our skills, it was about coming together with fellow seniors and getting one more chance to do what we love. I met new friends that used to be enemies, got a different coaching perspective and realized how fortunate we all are to get this opportunity. Being the only girl from my school was nerve wracking at first but everyone was so welcoming it was like we all knew each other for years when the weekend wrapped up. The only thing I would change is creating a Junior All-Star game as well. I believe the game and weekend would be great for juniors to experience so that they can make these friends in lacrosse and still play against them the next year. All in all, what a way to end my career! I couldn’t have asked for a more rewarding opportunity then this All-Star game where my friends and family could support me. Thank you to everyone who has encouraged me in this sport we all love and cherish. Lacrosse taught me more then I could ever imagine and has developed me into the women and athlete I am today. I look forward to giving back to the game that has given me everything in whatever way I can! Roll Tech, Go Panthers!   Allie, we thank you for the submissions all year long and you have an open invitation to write whenever you want!