District Recap – Oxbridge Holds Off King’s Academy 8-5 to Win District 25

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Scores by Quarter

1ST: 3-0 Oxbridge

2nd: 2-2 Tie

3rd: 3-2 Oxbridge

4th: 1-0 Kings



Leading Scorers per Team

Kings: Aiden Aitken – 3 goals
Kings: Trace Hogan – 1 goal 3 assists

Oxbridge: Connor Davies – 2 goals
Oxbridge: Ryan Conforti – 2 goals



Goalies and Number of Saves

Oxbridge: Christian Tomei: 9 saves

Kings: Tommy Null: 11 saves



Noteworthy events during game

This game started out just like any of the other Oxbridge vs Kings games over the last 4 seasons. Kings down 0-3 at the end of the 1st quarter. However, it finished very different than most would expect. For the final 3 quarters of the game it was a 5-5 stalemate with a defensive performance from both teams that made for an epic battle. Goalie play from Christian Tomei and Tommy Null was stellar, thwarting several opportunities from each team . The game never stretched to more than a 3 goal lead for Oxbridge. Every time Kings cut the lead to 2, Oxbridge would answer back. It was a battle for Oxbridge that will help them as they pursue a State Title in 2019. For Kings it was a game that signaled another step in their growing process.