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Tallahassee Democrat: Winegardner, Chase Not Letting Maclay Lacrosse Slip From Relevance

Author’s Note:  When you see on our Home Page the button called Report Media Coverage this is the type of article we are looking for our readership to report to us with!  Let us know when you have these local reports (or even out of state if it concerns a Florida-raised player)!
  via the Tallahasse Democrat – Brian Miller, Writer & Photographer March 15th, 2019   Excerpt:

The Marauders are 6-1 and have district wins over Chiles, Leon and Lincoln, reminding everyone of their continued prowess

Numbers don’t lie. Maclay’s lacrosse team is having a stellar start to its season, seven games in.

The Marauders, a team with a 48-game district win streak and six consecutive district titles prior to last year’s 4-14 season, is bouncing back.

“Last year was just rough because we were super young,” junior Sam Chase said. “We were starting three eighth-graders and we didn’t have many subs. This year, it’s the same kids, but we had a year to get closer. We used it as a warm-up year. We’re older, we’re more mature, we know everyone’s playing styles, so we’re just a lot better.”

Maclay is 6-1 and has already avenged two of its district defeats from last year by beating Lincoln 23-8 and, most importantly, last week beating Chiles 13-6. The Timberwolves stopped Maclay’s long district win streak at 51 last spring.   Read the rest HERE