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FlLaxGirl Lisa Palmisano Takes a Road Trip to Watch a Game!

Thank you Lisa for writing about the game! Lisa will contribute during the year and when she posts on her web site we’ll link to it! Photo is of Alex Gladding of Pine Crest.

by Lisa Palmisano

It was 73 degrees, partly cloudy with a nice breeze on Tuesday, February 15, 2022 when at 4 p.m, the Varsity girls’ lacrosse teams from Pine Crest and the Community School of Naples (CSN) season began with the opening draw.  It was not only a beautiful evening, there was also some beautiful lacrosse being played. Even though the score ended 15-3 in favor of Pine Crest who stalled/held and passed the ball for the majority of the second half (to not run up the score in a gesture of sportsmanship that many well-coached teams tend to do in high school girl’s lacrosse). It warmed my lacrosse loving heart to watch both of these schools play because even with a blowout score, the players from Pine Crest and CSN both had good skills, lax IQs and were well coached.

Pine Crest’s team consisted of 14 seniors, 6 juniors and 5 sophomores.  The Panthers dominated the majority of the game with their quick, talented players who shared the ball well and were also aggressive to goal.  The players’ heads were up as they looked for opportunities to score or assist. They would try to drive down the lane and would quickly dump the ball to an open player if the defense would slide.  Six different players scored from Pine Crest led by Senior Attack #32 Ella Bishara (Colgate) and Junior attack #6 Alexa Cepero, who both netted four goals.  Eight of their 15 goals were assisted. The assists would have been even higher, but fouls were whistled as shots were scored, so several assists were lost to 8m goals.  It’s a great rule in college that those shots count. Five different players tallied assists led by Senior Midfielder #5 Kyra Servoss (4a, 1g), who along with Bishara (4g,1a) led the Panthers with five points.

The Community school was a young team with only three seniors.  They played six freshmen and I did not get the young lady’s name who was number seven (she was not on the MaxPrep roster and most likely she is a freshman or younger) and they were solid lacrosse players.  Freshman Ruby Smith led the Seahawks with two goals, and she forced at least one caused turnover as well as leading her team in draw controls. Mystery girl, number seven (1a) whom I am assuming is a freshman, had an assist for one point along with another freshman Reese Brown (1a). Junior Claudia Languilli (1g) also had one point with one goal.  Two of the Seahawks three goals were assisted.

There were not many dropped or bad passes from either team. As Coach Ron Hill (LHPS) who is in the Syracuse Lacrosse Hall of Fame always would say, “Catching & Passing…”  It is an essential component to having a good team.  The unforced errors were minimal for a first game.  The players from both teams had solid transitions with good ball movement.  It was impressive watching both teams’ players keep their heads up looking for the quick pass and making mostly good passes if the lane to goal was shut by the D. Both teams ran plays on offense, set picks and swung the ball around. It was fun to watch the girls share the ball well and communicate on the field.  Each school’s defenses played well, with Pine Crest’s slides shutting out the CSN cutters and stuffing their one v. one attempts to goal.  The CSN defense knew what to do but was just a bit too young and slow in picking up the Seahawk cutters.  I’m certain that they will master this during the season.

Knowing that many of the players from these two schools also play on either LaxManiax or Florida Select club teams, I looked forward to watching this game and was not at all disappointed. I was greatly impressed with the players solid stick skills, speed and lax IQ.  Florida High School lacrosse has come a long way.   

Much gratitude and thanks to the high school coaches from both of these programs:

Melody Turner (CSN) and Rick Tilloston (CSN) 

Eileen Pliske (PCS) and Demmianne Cook(PCS). 

It is because of coaches like these who devote their time to develop the players in Florida.  I know it is not easy, nor does it pay well, but the dedicated coaches of many of Florida’s high school teams have without a doubt been a huge factor in elevating FL lacrosse and growing the game.  So THANK YOU high school coaches!!!!  You are making a difference!


CSN-had a handful of good players-these were my standouts:

#2 Freshman Midfielder Ruby Smith

#4 Senior Brooke Vroman (draw)

And my young gun was the mystery girl who wore the #7–She was a player with athleticism, skills and a lot of potential

PINE CREST- boasts a team full of many talented and well-coached girls and there are several whom I could list-these were my top three of this game:

#32 Senior attack Ella Bishara

#5 Senior midfielder Kyra Servoss

Young gun was Sophomore attack #11 Lilli Forman who was all over the place-she scored, assisted, had a few CTs and GBs-she was a player who stood out.