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FLN Boys 1A Top 15 Weekly Poll – Week Ending 2/26/23!

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Here we are two weeks into the season and this Poll is a nightmare for me, except at the top, where SA is off and running, with commanding wins over Plant and Jupiter. Team schedules have ramped up and some undefeated teams have played schedules that are frankly underwhelming. A few losses have shook up this Top 15 already, and I can promise there will be LOTS of movement over the next few weeks, as matchups give many opportunities, both up and down.

There are many teams that are undefeated right now that are partly the result of who they’ve played, so don’t expect them to be here. For example, Edgewood is 4-0 but their opponents are ranked 163rd, 180th, 199th and 190th in Boys lacrosse in the state by They’ll need to run the table, including over #32 Viera to even get a thought. I don’t mean to pick on them, just show that records are only the first step in this Poll.

On the flip side, Cardinal Mooney has ALREADY played Plant, Bolles and Winter Park. With a lot more coming. So, their 3-2 record carries a lot more punch. Benjamin is 3-1 against St. Thomas, Pine Crest, Gulliver and Columbus. These schedules are a direct result of the FHSAA allowing counties/schools to avoid district games that would be 20-1, pretty much pre-ordained.

But the one thing that is a negative about that is my old bugaboo of A beats B, who beats C, who beats A. That’s certainly going to happen this year, and while entertaining for fans, is a bit of a nightmare for me week-to-week.

So, like in the Girls, don’t get too caught up with positioning the first month, there’s enough games to guarantee much movement.

Okay, here we go.

FLN Boys 1A Top 15 – Week of 2/26/23!

1) Saint Andrew’s (3-0) – looking like the best team in the state in either Class right now.

2) Bolles (5-0) – holding serve and potting lots of goals but the schedule gets pretty easy within the state for awhile, so there will be a possibility they could slip mid-season a few slots

3) Benjamin (3-1) – a one-goal road loss at St. Thomas vs road wins at Pine Crest, Gulliver and Columbus. Jupiter at home on Tuesday for the first of what I hope is an annual home and home

4) Lake Highland Prep (2-0) – Are the Highlanders back on track? St. Thomas says so.

5) Jesuit of Tampa (3-1) – one goal loss to Lake Mary is a major marker to lay down

6) Pine Crest (2-1) – Benjamin came calling on Friday, next 3 games are SA, St Edward’s and Oxbridge

7) Cardinal Mooney (3-2) – a big come-from-behind win over Plant versus Winter Park’s/Bolles offenses, with a gauntlet starting Tuesday

8) SJP II (4-1) – nice rebound over Oxbridge after a puzzling offensive showing vs Jupiter. The annual SA battle next Saturday

9) Montverde (3-0) – 3 easy wins, with LHP on Wednesday after three games last season.

10) Holy Trinity Episcopal (4-0) – kind of a bit of a ceiling right now. The Vero win was very impressive, but the big games are in the last 3rd of the season, so they need to not look past anyone now.

11) St Edward’s (2-2) – Whoever scheduled for Coach Bailey owes him a dinner; oh wait . . . he’ll be treating himself

12) Community School of Naples (2-1) – 7-2 loss to St. Thomas with a good road win at Columbus

13) Canterbury (2-1) – win over Oxbridge soothes the bad loss to Mitchell. Hosts Cardinal Mooney Tuesday

14) Oxbridge (3-2) – seems to be searching for consistency

15t) Belen Jesuit (5-0)/Oak Hall (5-0) – both undefeated against lesser schedules. Belen’s gets a lot tougher, while Oak Hall’s is not as rigorous as previous years. Oak Hall might well run the table.

Also Considered: None; too many schools off to first starts need to play tougher games first.