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Quick Takes on Last Night’s Playoff Games . . .

So much fun yesterday (and Wednesday, when the finals started).

Tried my hand at a studio show with people around the state keeping me updated . . . Rome wasn’t built in a day, but it was a good first step

How good are we getting in Florida when both Booker Corrigan and Rick Beardsley attend a game together?

Started with Gulliver and by the time I was done broadcasting, most of the games were finals, but let’s add a few big scores:

Gulf Coast showed my sticking up for them for their absurdly bad FHSAA ranking was justified as they took District 12 in 2A over Riverview-Sarasota

As predicted, the Out-of-Door – St. Stephens Girls final was scintillating as Out-of-Door came away with the 14-13 win . . . but Naples is lurking to throw a wrench into that region

Gulf Breeze was not willing to cede their District just yet on the Boys side, but Pensacola Catholic pulled out the 1-goal win on the Girls

Niceville is starting to build something nice in the Panhandle

By the way, the fan of the night . . .


Surround sound too?

Benjamin is on a roll . . .

Boca Raton and Spanish River showed a great game can be played anywhere . . .

LHP-Montverde will be a rivalry for years to come

AH-Plantation Girls might have been the least appreciated team in Region 4

Unless you want to choose the Oxbridge Boys

Episcopal School gave Bolles a 48-minute headache

Mitchell and Steinbrenner also setting up for a long rivalry

Osceola and Berkeley Prep – Game of the night? 3OT’s!

I want to see Holy Trinity hosting a big-name program on BSN . . .

How many of us are dying to see the brackets Saturday? Stay tuned!

We’ll take a shot at Bracketology tonight after I spend the day grinding the numbers