Recap of the Past Week’s D1 Florida Kids

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via the box scores of the games

Johns Hopkins 12-7 over Jacksonville

Ponte Vedra grad Reid Smith with 1A. 2 shots and 1 GB. Ponte Vedra grad Davis Smith with 1 GB as a long pole starter. Maclay’s Sam Chase played but did not hit the scoresheet. All for JU.

Denver 12-4 over Utah

Cardinal Mooney grad MJ McMahon with 1 shot and 2 GBs for Utah. Ponte Vedra’s Joe Taraboletti looks like he did not play for Denver.

Syracuse 7-5 over Vermont

Bishop Moore’s Jackson Canfield did not hit the scoresheet. Tommy Burke went 9 for 16 at the faceoffs. Berkeley Prep’s Colby Kudla played but did not hit the scoresheet. All Vermont players.

Maryland 15-4 over Richmond

Neither King’s Academy grad Aidan Aitken nor Gulf Coast’s Trace Davidson played for Maryland. STA’s Jared Chenoy went 9 for 20 on faceoffs with 2 GBs for Richmond.

Penn State 21-11 over Lafayette

LHP/BM’s Hudson Bohn with 1G, 15 GBs and went 20 for 29 at faceoffs for Penn State

Marquette 17-2 over Lindenwood

Maclay’s Matthew Winegardner with 1G for Marquette

Ohio State 15-7 over Air Force

Jupiter’s Dylan Frankhouser went 1 for 7 for Air Force at the faceoff.

Bucknell 20-6 over Mercer

Winter Park’s Parker Junod with 1G, 2A and 2 GBs. Hagerty’s Connor Purcell with 1G. 1GB and 1 CTO as a starting long pole. Nease’s Ashton Wood with 1G, 3 GBs and 4 for 6 on the faceoffs. Plant’s Drew Mayts with 1 GB and 1 CTO. Other Floridians played for Mercer, but did not make the scoresheet.

Navy 19-5 over Queens

Benjamin’s Michael Lobosco went 3 of 4 on faceoffs for Navy. Ponte Vedra’s Brendan Nace with 4 shots and Plant’s Alex Alonso took some faceoffs for Queens. The other Queens Floridians did not make the scoresheet.

Duke 20-8 over High Point

Saint John Paul’s Trevor Dick with 1 GB for High Point

Merrimack 10-7 over Hofstra

Jupiter’s Trace Hogan with 2A, 1GB and 1 CTO. Belen Jesuit’s Nicholas Perez-Blanco with 4 GBS and 1 CTO. STA’s Grant Laman with 2 shots and 2 GBs. STA’s Lucas Gauch played but did not hit the scoresheet. Benjamin’s Trevor Natalie with 2G and 1 GB for Hofstra.

Providence 12-9 over Holy Cross

Oxbridge’s Jack Kilian with 1A, 1 GB and 2 CTO’s for Providence

Merrimack 14-9 over Holy Cross (last night)

Jupiter’s Hogan with 1G, 1A and 1 GB. STA’s Laman with 1G and 3 GBs. Neither Perez-Blanco nor Gauch hit the scoresheet, although they played lots of minutes.