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Region 2 – The Full Who’s In/Who’s Out Bracket as of the End of the Regular Season

A quick reminder of what you are looking at in these charts. Each region has four brackets; Boys 1A and 2A, and Girls 1A and 2A (for those new to this, the 1A vs 2A distinction is by school enrollment). Should a smaller school decide they want to play with larger schools, they are allowed to do so if they apply prior to the year.

The #1 to #8 is based on the Power Rankings for that Region and they no longer need to be the four District winners lining up at #1-#4, although a District winner is guaranteed a place in the bracket. There are a couple of brackets throughout the state where a projected District winner is as low as an 8-seed.

The home games in the first round are slotted as follows: A District winner will host unless they are matched with a fellow District winner that is ranked higher than them. An 8-seed can not host. But if, for example, a 2-seed is not a District winner and they face a 7-seed that is, the 7-seed gets the home game. Reseeding occurs after each round of games.

Next to the school is their District number. There are four District winners and 4 at-large bids, making up the 8 teams. We have also listed the First Four Teams Out, plus their districts. You will also see two other sets of numbers; the FHSAA ranking IN CLASS, and a comparable Laxnumbers ranking, as a third-party system, for comparison/information purposes. The FHSAA number is the only one that matters for bracket creation.

Where it gets very interesting at this stage is when the FHSAA rankings are close between where a team is seeded and where the First Four Out are ranked. The closer the numbers are to each other, the better the possibility that District results will alter these current rankings.

Here’s the current situation:

FHSAA Rankings for 04/07/23
Projected Regional rankings if the current rankings are assumed to produce the District champs and 4 At-Large Bids
Region 2Comparison in ClassComparison in Class
Boys 1ASeeded District WinnersDistrict #4 At-Large BidsDistrict #FHSAALaxNumbFHSAALaxNumb
#1Benjamin8#8Windermere Prep6324339
#2St Edward’s8#7West Shore7452833
#3Lake Highland5#6Bishop Moore5541723
#4Holy Trinity7#5Montverde512141313
First Four Out:  Trinity Prep (5), Jensen Beach (8), Cocoa Beach (7), All Saint’s Academy (6)33/35/39/4443/26/46/53
Boys 2ASeeded District WinnersDistrict #4 At-Large BidsDistrict #
#1Winter Park6#8Timber Creek6453628
#2Vero Beach8#7Lake Nona713143435
#3Lake Howell6#6West Orange516292231
First Four Out:   Dr Phillips (7), Boone (6), Melbourne (8), Edgewater (6)48/49/56/6263/41/58/52
Girls 1ASeeded District WinnersDistrict #4 At-Large BidsDistrict #
#1Lake Highland7#8Lake Wales6223944
#2First Academy7#7Tampa Catholic513213436
#3Bishop Moore7#6Satellite81973327
#4Edgewood8#5Berkeley Prep520192522
First Four Out:  Cypress Creek (5), Horizon (6), West Shore (8), River Ridge (5)41/44/51/5340/51/65/49
Girls 2ASeeded District WinnersDistrict #4 At-Large BidsDistrict #
#1Vero Beach8#8West Orange6112727
#2Hagerty5#7Winter Park5222523
#4Windermere6#5Lake Howell518202217
First Four Out:   Sebastian River (8), Lake Minneola (6), East Ridge (6), Edgewater (5)30/33/34/4043/32/30/53