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Region 3 Girls 2A District Brackets

#1 in my Poll, #2 in the Region . . .

We’ll see who is right

Two districts that are likely one-bid districts, and two with 3 teams each is the likely choice right now. The Top 8 teams are ranked in the Top 21 statewide and there’s basically one possible slot open at the bottom. The Top 4 are 4/5/6/7, so there can easily be a lot of movement still.

District 9

2023 FHSAA Girls Lacrosse District Tournament 2A District 9

I just don’t understand how the FHSAA puts Steinbrenner at #2 in this region, while I have them still at #1 in my Poll. There might be some hidden code in Gainesville that says ‘discount the Tampa area’ . . . just being facetious.

Right now, Mitchell is Second Team Out in what is ranked as a very strong region, as all eight current seeds are in the Top 21 statewide. Mitchell is at 26, so they likely need some help. Mitchell and Steinbrenner did not play this year, but I wouldn’t count on getting in that way. It could help that this is an 8-team district, so Mitchell can gain two wins before that final. Right now I would bet on this being a one-team bracket provider.

District 10

2023 FHSAA Girls Lacrosse District Tournament 2A District 10

On paper, this is a very strong district, with Plant as the #1 overall seed, Newsome at #6 and Palm Harbor at #8, with Sickles and Bloomingdale being First and Third Team Out, with Sickles being 7 slots behind #7 Lakewood Ranch and 5 behind Palm Harbor.

Sickles and Bloomingdale will play arguably the best 4/5 game in the state, and it’s a must-win for Sickles if they want to make the bracket. Right now, it still looks like a 3-team District, with Sickles hunting down Palm Harbor if they can.

District 11

2023 FHSAA Girls Lacrosse District Tournament 2A District 11

On the other hand, this is only a 4-team district, yet 3 of the 4 are currently in the Bracket, with Sarasota Fourth Team Out. That makes for a solid district playoff. The top seed, Manatee, lost to Riverview early in the season, so even though the records are very different, look out in the finals for a possible upset.

District 12

2023 FHSAA Girls Lacrosse District Tournament 2A District 12

Gulf Coast wins this and it won’t be close. They have the #3 seed currently but because of the weak District, a Manatee district title will likely leapfrog GC and leave them at #4 in the bracket.