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Region 3 Girls 1A District Brackets

Well, a pretty bad District 11 and a strong District 12, with 9 and 10 providing two schools each.

St Stephens currently sits atop, but remember that ODA was in that slot last year and lost in the semifinals of the bracket.

Not a lot to play for since it’s likely the current 8 teams ranked are going to be the 8 teams in. Just jockeying for position at this point.

District 9

2023 FHSAA Girls Lacrosse District Tournament 1A District 9

Academy of the Holy Names currently holds the #3 seed and Calvary Christian Clearwater holds #5, but LN has them below those numbers. Holy Names certainly struggled against their top competition, and their win over CC came in the first game of the year. HN did win over St. Petersburg Catholic, while CC did not. Right now it looks like both are making the bracket as long as they don’t get upset in District, and likely will be in even if that happens. A home game is likely the prize for the winner.

District 10

2023 FHSAA Girls Lacrosse District Tournament 1A District 10

St Stephen’s should have no problem winning this district, as they already have a 12-goal win over St Petersburg Catholic. Given that SPC is currently holding the #4 seed, even with that loss, says something about this Region. St Stephen’s is currently the #1 seed and there’s a bit of a gap back to #2 Community, so they likely are getting home field the entire way, while SPC is looking to hold on to a home game in Round One.

District 11

2023 FHSAA Girls Lacrosse District Tournament 1A District 11

I hate to be this blunt, but Canterbury is currently the 8-seed as the District favorite and if this was LN, they probably wouldn’t even be among the First Four Out (70th in LN). This is one-and-done, both in the bracket and in the first round. Second Team Out Coral Reef is ranked 87th in 1A, versus 45 in FHSAA. These differentials point to an area that the FHSAA might need to address.

District 12

2023 FHSAA Girls Lacrosse District Tournament 1A District 12

Community School holds the #2 seed, Naples (the poster child for FHSAA looking at SOS!) at #6 and Barron Collier at #7. Lely is only 4 slots behind Barron Collier, but has to first face Estero in the 4/5 game, and that one was close in the regular season.

This looks like BC and Naples are playing for 6th seed (and maybe #5), with the 3 schools going on to the brackets no matter what.