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Region 3 Boys 2A District Brackets

This Region is a petri dish for how the FHSAA and LN handle Strength of Schedule. FHSAA has it 8 vs 15 with Steinbrenner on top and LN has it 6 vs 8 with Plant on top.

One thing to note over the difference is that both systems have Steinbrenner with a strong rating, and that can’t be overlooked during the debate on who deserves the Top seed. Newsome seems to have been slighted here too, as I have had them in the 2A Poll the entire season.

When it comes to the race for at-large bids, there’s not much here to look for and the Top 8 currently are basically fighting for position.

District 9

2023 FHSAA Boys Lacrosse District Tournament 2A District 9

For the 2nd consecutive year, Plant faced an uphill climb in the state rankings, and I don’t understand why. Lakeland managed to edge past Newsome, taking the 6-seed while Newsome has the last slot currently. Lakeland did not play either team, and their 13-4 record was against a weak schedule. I see Newsome taking the 2/3 matchup and Lakeland holding on to an at-large berth since First Team Out Wiregrass Ranch is at 40, versus Lakeland’s 30 in 2A. This District is likely a 3-team bracket provider.

District 10

2023 FHSAA Boys Lacrosse District Tournament 2A District 10

Steinbrenner came through with an excellent record to take the #1 overall seed in this Region, and the gap between them and Plant (8 vs 15), is likely enough to give them #1 even if they lose to Mitchell in the District final. A Mitchell win would likely make them the #3 seed, as they barely trail #3 Gulf Coast. Wiregrass needs to win the District to make the brackets.

District 11

2023 FHSAA Boys Lacrosse District Tournament 2A District 11

Alonso’s strange set of circumstances at least didn’t cost it a likely berth, regardless of whether they hold off Palm Harbor or not, so the two of them are playing for seeding, with Sarasota a very long shot to get in. The two teams did not play in the regular season and that might have been a choice that could cost Palm Harbor if they stumble to Sarasota in the 2/3 matchup.

Right now, this is a likely two-team bracket provider.

District 12

2023 FHSAA Boys Lacrosse District Tournament 2A Distrirct 12

This is a down year for District 12, as Gulf Coast really had no one to challenge them; Riverview had a down year and they are the #2 seed in District. GC lost their last four games, and have a 6-goal win over Riverview, so it’s not out of the realm that an upset could occur here, except Riverview also stumbled down the stretch. This is going to be a one-bid district either way.