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Region 4 Girls 1A District Brackets

A terrific collection of teams, where at least 11 of them are deserving of the 8 slots.

Of course, there’s the state’s #1, looking to avenge their state title game loss, with plenty of motivation. Lots of great matchups to watch too.

But in the end, the story is the same . . . can anyone take down AH-Delray? It has to be proven.

District 13

2023 FHSAA Girls Lacrosse District Tournament 1A District 13

This district is one of the better kept secrets in the state the past few year. South Fork was two goals shy of running the table against a solid schedule, yet they had to go to OT to beat Jensen Beach (12-4 with the four losses by a combined 5 goals). Right now, they are the #3 and #6 seeds, with St. Edward’s and Benjamin as the Second and Third Teams Out. This region is loaded with ranked teams and SE is 23/Benjamin is 24, so their path to an at-large bid is a long shot.

Get out to watch the semifinals and finals; but in all likelihood SE and Benjamin need to find a way to win the District to play on. This one is a beauty.

District 14

2023 FHSAA Girls Lacrosse District Tournament 1A District 14

This district is kind of like The Bloodline on WWE . . . a Tribal Chief on top and a heck of a supporting cast too. AH-Delray is #1 in the Region and the state and deserving of national recognition. Their dominance has masked what else is going on here, as Saint Andrew’s holds the #2 seed and King’s the #6 seed, with Saint John Paul First Team Out at #17 statewide. SA and King’s played a 3-goal game earlier, so that 2/3 semifinal could shake up seeding quite a bit if King’s takes the rematch.

If you want to see how good AH-D is, look at their results versus a lot of local teams that can play.

District 15

2023 FHSAA Girls Lacrosse District Tournament 1A District 15

Currently Pine Crest is at #4 and AH-Plantation is at #5, and NSU is Fourth Team Out, so they have to win this District. AH-Plantation holds a big win over NSU, so that’s a long shot. AH-P and Pine Crest did not play this year, so we don’t have anything to go by. It’s a two-bid district no matter what happens here.

District 16

2023 FHSAA Girls Lacrosse District Tournament 1A District 16

This is the weakest of the 4 districts in Region 4, as Key West (the assumed winner) is the #8 seed at 9-2, and would be Third Team Out if they didn’t have the automatic bid. Ransom Everglades is the second-seed at 5-7, and only lost to Key West by two in the regular season, so an upset is definitely possible here.