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Region 4 Girls 2A District Brackets

Not the strongest/deepest region and its likely semifinal matchups in District 13 will be the biggest games to watch for.

This is another petri dish between record and Strength of Schedule approaches, as Boca Raton is currently the #1 seed over St. Thomas, while the comparative rankings are 11 vs 15 in Gainesville and LN has it STA 6 vs 15.

They did not play this year, so the likely regional final is up for grabs. Jupiter and STA also did not play this year and that’s the likely Regional semifinal. Jupiter does hold a win over Boca from the first game of the year.

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District 13

2023 FHSAA Girls Lacrosse District Tournament 2A District 13

Currently, there are FOUR seeded teams in this district, with Jupiter #3, with Wellington, Martin County and Dwyer at #6-8. Only Dwyer is at likely risk of missing out, as they are at #54 statewide, just ahead of the First Four Teams Out, which are ranked 55/59/61/63. Seminole Ridge is one of them.

Frankly, if a team ranked 54th is receiving an at-large bid, that says something about the Region, and it’s not good. The #5-8 teams are 36/37/38 too. Might as well pencil in Jupiter as the winner here, as only Martin County came within 6 goals of them from the other 3 seeded teams.

District 14

2023 FHSAA Girls Lacrosse District Tournament 2A District 14

Boca Raton fell to two excellent 1A teams to end the season and have the victory over their district rival in Stoneman but managed to hold on to the #1 overall seed over St Thomas. The Bobcats will come out of this district and likely have home field in the Region (STA and Boca did not play this year).

Stoneman is currently the #4 seed but might have to travel to Miami for a first-round match. Park Vista has to at least win the 2/3 semifinal to have a shot at that #8 slot.

District 15

2023 FHSAA Girls Lacrosse District Tournament 2A District 15

St. Thomas played a murderous schedule and struggled to show some consistency against it, finishing 5-6 if you discount the NY road trip. Wins over Lake Mary and a big win at Saint Andrew’s with tight losses to Vero, LHP and Ponte Vedra, plus a few head-scratching losses by big margins. Lots to look at.

Western is First Team Out but a semifinal win over Coral Glades will do nothing to help them. And STA beat them 20-0 already, so it’s hard to see them making the leap unless Dwyer loses to Seminole Ridge in the D13 quarterfinal, and even then Seminole might leapfrog both.

District 16

2023 FHSAA Girls Lacrosse District Tournament 2A District 16

Palmetto holds two wins over Lourdes, by one and five, and should be able to hold them off in a final, but will they slip a few slots down from #5? It’s a good likelihood. Coral Reef played a competitive game with Palmetto, but this is a one-bid district no matter what, unless Palmetto could hang on to the #8 spot if they lose this district.