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SportsLowdown.Com: Penn Speaks Out on Firing

via, by Donny Reiber Jr. – photo via Florida Tech Athletics

Congratulations to Donny for getting the interview with Mark Penn after his termination from Florida Tech. Donny contributes lacrosse content to us from his coverage of FIT sports.


More than two months after former Florida Tech Lacrosse head coach Mark Penn was unceremoniously let go from his job, he still doesn’t have a solid answer as to why he was fired. Penn had been with the program since 2013 as an assistant. He was named head coach in 2018. spoke to Penn this week, more than two months after being let go by new Florida Tech Athletic Director Jamie Joss, who took over for legendary AD Bill Jurgens on June 7, 2021.

Penn was told he was being let go on Thursday, December 9 with no advance warning. “I was sent a Google invite on Wednesday for a meeting Thursday morning,” he said. “I had no idea it was going to be so they could fire me.”

“The kids were happy, the parents were happy, we were meeting all the benchmarks and my reviews were good,” he continued. “When I pressed for a reason as to why all I was told was they wanted to move the program in a different direction.”

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