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Optional Unified Field Approved For High School Lacrosse

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  via US Lacrosse press release – photo from their story page   Included in the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) and US Lacrosse rule changes for the 2018 high school lacrosse season was the approval of an optional 120-yard unified field size that can be used for both boys’ and girls’ lacrosse. The existing field sizes for high school lacrosse can still be used, but the unified field is a legal alternative. “This represents the leadership of the rules subcommittees of US Lacrosse and NFHS, on both the boys and girls sides, working collaboratively to grow the game safely,” said Caitlin Kelley, senior manager of the women’s game for US Lacrosse. “Representatives from both the boys and girls games made adjustments to their field dimensions to make this work while preserving the integrity and safety of their games.” “We had feedback from administrators that they wanted this to happen,” said Rick Lake, senior manager of the men’s game for US Lacrosse. “This set of field markings saves time and money. It will make the game easier for athletic directors to manage with one less set of lines on their turf fields or when lining their fields.” “The option of adding a unified field to the games of boys’ and girls’ lacrosse will create easier access to an already fast-growing sport, making it easier to administer, more fan-friendly, and providing access to the sport for more student-athletes,” said James Weaver, director of performing arts and sports for the NFHS. The table below shows the adjustments to the field dimensions with the unified field versus the existing field sizes.  
Measurements Unified Field Current Boys Current Girls
Field Length 120 yards 110 yards 110-140 yards
Midfield Area 40 yards 40 yards 30-40 yards
Restraining Line to Goal Line 25 yards 20 yards 30 yards
Goal Line to End Line 15 yards 15 yards 10-20 yards
Goal Circle/Crease 9 feet 9 feet 8.5 feet
  US Lacrosse approved the use of a unified field size for youth lacrosse in 2016 and has received positive feedback from event operators. The Federation of International Lacrosse approved a unified field size in a 2012 vote, began implementing the change with the 2015 FIL U19 Women’s World Championship, and it will be used for all upcoming FIL world championships.