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The New Approach for FLN!

Written by Lee Roggenburg on . Posted in , , .

Many of you have reached out to me about what we have in mind for FLN, and I’m ready to share the strategy going forward.  As mentioned before, the coverage of Florida lacrosse (and possible expansion outside the state) cannot continue to be provided as before.  So, we went through a thought process to decide what truly is the value-added content that is legitimately worth paying for versus what is not, and that will be the major determinant of where content is placed.

FLN is introducing a Substack paid subscription model for the original content that I produce and the content that is coming from others, such as college press releases, professional press releases and reader furnished items like Game Recaps and College Commitments, will continue to be available for free on the FLN website  The fee will be $75 annually (there will not be a monthly option).

Our partnership with Bobby Latmore/Florida Athletic Network will continue and will focus on the popular Who’s In/Who’s Out (with a potential expansion beyond Florida to include coverage of states where FLN is widely followed), Interview shows and live events such as the HS Final Four, FHSAA Bracket Reveal show, live games and shows that teach the sport to the viewers.  There will be cross-promotion with all 3 platforms.  Naming rights, advertising and affiliate marketing will be the revenue generation for these broadcasts.

FLN Website

College Press Releases

Pro League Press Releases

College Commitments

Charity Press Releases

Substack Previews

Reader Submitted Content


High School Polls

Original Commentary, 4-5x a Week

Lacrosse Commentary outside Florida

Florida Kids in College

FAN (FlAthleticNetwork.Com)/Bobby Latmore

Who’s In/Who’s Out Weekly Show (with potential to extend to more states)

Oversees the production of the 24/7 YouTube channel

FHSAA Bracket Show

Live Events like the IMLCA/IWLCA Conventions

Live Games

Live From the Final Four

Interview Shows

Lacrosse Knowledge Shows (Based on ESPN’s ‘Ron Jaworski’ approach)


FLN/FAN will be offering enormous advertising opportunities across the platforms.  Viewership is extensive, and crosses state borders.  For example, 25% of the viewers of Who’s In/Who’s Out are out of state, mostly in the Midwest and Southeast.

We are seeking two major advertisers who understand the benefit of being the face of the sport in the state of Florida, with national reach.  A major car company like Ford, Toyota, etc., would spend $10,000 per dealer (when a local dealer will cut that check for a major local event over a weekend) to garner significant broadcast, social media and event exposure for a sport with a significant population playing it combined with a demographic that spends money, why would that corporation not want to do so?  Same with companies like Publix/Whole Foods/Sprouts or Sports Clips.  Regional advertising and local advertising can also be fitted into a broadcast/website/Substack marketing campaign.  Or restaurant chains like Duffy’s, Miller Ale House and others that focus on sports.  Live events can be held on location.