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TV20 Meldon Law Scholar Athlete: Andrew Jimenez (Oak Hall)

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By Taylor Burr

Published: May. 1, 2024 at 8:28 PM EDT | Updated: 14 hours ago


(Video at link)

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) – From the moment Oak Hall’s Andrew Jimenez touched the lacrosse stick. It was clear he was destined for greatness.

“I got into lacrosse 13 years ago. Um, my two best friends is there on this team, Jake Quigley and Wes Clark. They told me to try out lacrosse. And ever since then, I’ve been playing,” said Jimenez.

From a young age, it was evident that Jimenez was in a league of his own. While others were still finding their footing, he was sprinting ahead mastering the game.

Jimenez said, “I would consider myself one of the most competitive people that I know, ever since I was young I’ve always had a ball of some sorts and I just love sports and I just love being competitive.

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