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US Lacrosse Training Video on Personal Fouls – The Cross Check

  Spectators, the two major takeaways from this training video are: If the hands are apart on the stick and that part of the stick is used as the sole force of contact, with the hands extended from the body, it IS a cross check violation.  no matter how hard or easy the contact is, that is what the referee is looking for. The second thing, is that when you see a TWO PERSON CREW, be more PATIENT with the calls during the game.  A 2-person crew has to handle 50% more of the field for each than a 3-person crew does. THERE WILL BE SOME MISSED CALLS with 2-person crews that a 3-person crew will make.  Just accept it and get back to rooting for your team instead of getting upset and taking it out on the refs.  And when you watch the video the location of the missed calls will be likely to be between the restraining line and midfield, nearer the sidelines.  A most likely during transition.  Just accept it.