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US Training Video on Personal Fouls – Slashing

  This video focuses on when to call a slash and is broken down into slashes to the head, side and back. One very important thing to note is that a lot of the time a player is not really trying to slash the body but is not as accurate with the stick and ends up missing what would be a legal target, like the stick or glove.  But even then, if the referee deems the slash reckless or dangerous it does not matter what the stick hits, it’s still a slash. The first clip shows how a helmet is accidentally slashed while trying to make a hustle play, but that doesn’t matter.  Intent is not needed for helmet contact. The second clip shows a slash that the player tried to reach the glove but caught the hip instead.  Given the long windup it is called a penalty, even though it looks like there was not much force behind the slash by the time it got to the ball carrier.  Doesn’t matter, it was deemed reckless. The third clip is very interesting because I guarantee you most spectators would look at that and say, ‘he barely hit him!’  But that’s not how the rule reads.  The player made NO attempt to make a legal check to the stick or glove, he clearly was targeted the body, in this case the back.  EASY CALL. SAFETY COMES FIRST. If you remember that you’ll be far less likely to be surprised at a call.  The video host clearly states there is NO REASON to slash the back and given there is no padding there it is considered a threat to the player’s safety.