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Boca Raton and Benjamin both make it official – FHSAA

Written by Lee Roggenburg on . Posted in .
“Boca Raton has filed its paperwork with the FHSAA and will be playing in the association for the near and long term future”…Matt Paolono, Head Coach-Boca Raton Both Benjamin and Boca have confirmed with us that they have filed the necessary paperwork to compete in the FHSAA next season.  Boca is the first of the Palm Beach public schools to confirm with us.  This makes it clear that the county will not stand in the way. We have heard from several Miami schools that funding is not an issue but working out details with the GMAC is turning out to be a bit of a hold up.  However, it is apparent that the intention is to make the switch to playing FHSAA. At this point we have not heard anything official from the schools in Martin County or Brevard County.