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Brevard County – Time for the next battle

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By Mark Lorusso A coalition of parent representatives from Eau Gallie, Merritt Island, Satellite, Viera and West Shore High School’s have formed Friends of Brevard Lacrosse (FBL).  FBL is a 501c3 non-profit organization which was established last month.  FBL’s mission is to raise awareness, funds, and interest to support the ongoing development of the sport of lacrosse in the Brevard County Public High Schools. There are over 1000 boys and girls playing lacrosse in Brevard county of which 400 are in high school. FBL’s goal is to ensure that current and future boys and girls have the opportunity to play high school lacrosse under the auspices of the FHSAA. 19 will be an important day for all the Brevard lacrosse community to show their support at the school board meeting.  We will use our facebook page to communicate our plans for this meeting and how our supporters can best show their support at the meeting.  Brevard is the last hold-out, we must get this done! Given the developments in Broward and Dade counties, Brevard is the last of the IA clubs to be in limbo.  With 16 high schools, Brevard is classified as a large school district as are Broward and Dade.  The decision to approve FHSAA by these school districts strengthens FBL’s case substantially.  If these counties can make it work, then so can Brevard schools.  The model that FBL is proposing to the Brevard School Board is a carbon copy of what was approved in Broward County.  FBL is meeting tonight to finalize our proposal to the school board which will be formally presented at the July 19 school board meeting.  Our representatives plan to commence meetings with school board members over the next two weeks.  We will brief them on the issues and propose a means to keep lacrosse in our schools without costing the taxpayers of Brevard County. At this time we are asking for the support of the entire lacrosse community.  A quote from Dade Wants Lacrosse – “We are a lacrosse community of ONE.”  Like our counterparts, we are using social media to keep everyone informed.  Friends of Brevard Lacrosse asks for your support by clicking “Like” and posting a friendly word of support on our facebook page located at:  There have also been two stories published on Florida Today about high school and youth lacrosse:

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