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Lacrosse Victory for Broward County! Great day for SoFlo Lacrosse continues with Broward County announcement

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Telephone:  (754) 321-2600                            Facsimile:  (754) 321-2701

TO:                 School Board Members FROM:           Dr. Joanne W. Harrison, Deputy Superintendent                         Educational Programs & Student Support VIA:                James F. Notter                         Superintendent of Schools SUBJECT:       LACROSSE                This is a follow-up to my memorandum of June 7, 2011 regarding the status of lacrosse as a varsity sport in the Broward County school system.  Recently, the Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) ruled that state recognized sports such as boys and girls lacrosse can no longer be designated by school districts as club sports.  Based on the FHSAA’s decision, the options available to the district are two fold: discontinue lacrosse or designate lacrosse as a varsity sport.  A committee of high school principals and athletic directors coordinated by Damian Huttenhoff, Director, Athletics and Student Activities, met to develop a recommended course of action. After a review of current practice and policy, lacrosse will be considered a varsity sport and treated like golf and volleyball.  For those sports, schools have the option of offering the sports based on student interest.  High schools will have the option of adding lacrosse to their school’s sports offerings.  There is no additional funding being provided to high schools who wish to add lacrosse to their sports programs.  Rather, high schools who seek to add lacrosse will need to fund the sport through their existing athletic budget and from lacrosse booster clubs. It is important to reiterate that all high schools shall not be required to offer lacrosse.  In all likelihood, lacrosse will be offered at those schools where there is a significant showing of interest by student athletes.  The option to offer lacrosse is similar to how we treat boys volleyball, golf and water polo.  High schools have the option of offering these three sports based on student interest.  In addition, to ensure gender equity, a girls lacrosse team must be offered at a high school if a boys team is offered.  Should you have any questions, please contact Damian Huttenhoff, Director, Athletics and Student Activities, at (754) 321-2550.