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Huge victory for lacrosse in Dade County!

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By Elizabeth Santos June 15, 2011 will forever be remembered as the day lacrosse became a varsity sport for Miami-Dade public schools.  The school board voted unanimously to allow lacrosse to become a varsity sport in the public school system.  Now Christopher Columbus High School (the only private school affected), Miami Palmetto, Killian and Coral Reef High Schools have the ability for lacrosse for to become a varsity sport with their principal’s approval.  In addition, the lacrosse community of Miami agreed to create a foundation that will promote the sport to other public high schools within Miami so we have a venue through which we can grow the sport.  During the school board meeting yesterday, the Palmetto Booster Club pledged the first donation in the amount of $2,500 for this new foundation. Yesterday was a fantastic show of the amazing power and unity of the lacrosse community.  Over 200 people showed up from more than 8 different schools.  Parents, players of all ages, friends, family – you name it, we were there.  Supporters included firefighters complete with fire truck, Chazz Woodson (a big thank you to Chazz), coaches from all the schools including Gulliver and over 100 kids.  Although the school board and staff were overwhelmed with the number of supporters that showed up for the school board meeting, they graciously provided a studio next door at WLRN with seating, air-conditioning, water and snacks so everyone could comfortably watch the proceedings via TV.  Everyone maintained a polite, respectful presence throughout a very, very long day.  Administrators, staff and the school board all commented frequently on our professional, respectful approach – they truly appreciated how we addressed the issue with them.  There is still work to be done to create the foundation and get the principal’s approval at the individual schools, however, yesterday’s victory was a sweet one with 100% approval of the entire school board and superintendent.  THANK YOU!!