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Columbus falls to Aquinas 4-12

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By Michael Buines As Katerina Quintairos finished singing the National Anthem, two helicopters flew directly over the field. This not only ignited the players, but it also excited the hundreds in the crowd at the Columbus, Aquinas lacrosse game. The Explorers hoped to get revenge on one of the only teams to defeat them last season and they looked good, at the beginning. Although, the first quarter ended 1-3 in favor of St. Thomas Aquinas, Columbus did not look like they were backing down. They were fighting strong to hold back St. Thomas and in the second quarter; they held them to only 2 goals, but Columbus scored 0. At the end of the half, Columbus still looked confident and ready to take back the game, but they did not succeed. St. Thomas scored goal after goal and the Explorers could not find a way to stop them. Within the first 4 minutes of the 4th quarter, the Explorers managed to put in 2 goals against St. Thomas and soon after, they followed up with a third. The players looked excited and the crowd began wondering whether a comeback was possible, but St. Thomas had other plans. They went on to win 12-4. Columbus’ Coach, James Delang, is still optimistic about the season. “ I’d like to build from this. It’s a good way to measure up to a better team and it’s our goal to reach that level” According to Delang, the Explorers will keep fighting in hopes of a second chance to play St. Thomas at Regionals. About the author –  Michael Buines is a student at Christopher Columbus High School.  He is participating in our scholarship contest we are running in partnership with the Florida Scholastic Press Association.  More information on that contest can be found here.