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Dade County Lax Family starting to get busy saving their sport!

Written by Lee Roggenburg on . Posted in .
With only four schools in jeopardy of losing lacrosse in Dade County there hasn’t been a whole lot of internet buzz about the sorry state of affairs down there.  But it is BAD!  Most of the Dade County schools are private schools who have been playing FHSAA already or had no problem making the move to FHSAA.  But there are three public schools and one large Catholic school, Christopher Columbus Catholic, that participate in the Greater Miami Athletic Conference.  These programs and any future GMAC lacrosse programs are  getting undercut. The best information we have at IFL is that there is a single person at the Greater Miami Athletic Conference who calls all of the shots.  We cannot get any contact information for her and don’t even know her name.  But apparently, since only 4 of the 23 schools that are GMAC members play lacrosse, the easiest thing for her to do is shut the whole thing down and forbid them to participate in the sport.  How this makes sense, nobody seems to  know.  This is what we do know;  1-      The GMAC website is conveniently down for maintenance so it is impossible to get contact information and let your voice be heard.  And has been for as long as we have been trying to find out some information. 2-      At the Dade County School Board website there is very little contact info available for anyone.  They do show a board meeting scheduled for June 15, but the link to the agenda is conveniently not working. 3-      They will probably try to shut down your sport in Dade County at this meeting. Some friends of Dade County Lacrosse have started a Facebook page which can be found at Dade Wants Lacrosse on Facebook.  They are big on support but currently a little short on action plans and contact information.  If you think you can help, we suggest you log on and get busy!