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The Petition Drive has begun in Dade County

Written by Lee Roggenburg on . Posted in .
  Facing apathy from the Greater Miami Athletic Conference and a lack of support from the School Board the lacrosse community in Dade County is really beginning to mobilize!  At risk is the future of four current lacrosse programs who are being bullied into extinction by the very people who are supposed to be facilitating athletics in the Greater Miami area, the Greater Miami Athletic Conference.  There is now a very successful petition drive pushing the issue over the head of the GMAC blowhards and into the School Board meeting.  The goal is 1000 signatures and they now have 1045.  We believe this number should be even higher.  Go to sign the petition, email it to your friends, and spread the word through our lacrosse community and save not only these four programs, but the future opportunities that these programs represent.  There are also two great Facebook pages that are beginning to publish lots of information on this subject, Dade Wants Lacrosse and Miami-Dade Lacrosse.  Please head over to these pages, like them, and keep up with the ongoing battle.  The June 15th Dade County School Board Meeting is crucial for lacrosse in South Florida.  If we turn the ball over here lacrosse could be playing defense for the rest of the game!  The state-wide lacrosse community needs to go on offense, get active, get loud and display some good old fashioned American democracy in action.  Lacrosse is the greatest game played in the greatest country on the planet.  This is the greatest country on the planet because of the people, not the government.  Not the bureaucrats in the capitols or the bureaucrats on the school boards.  Those schools belong to the people of Dade County, as do the lacrosse fields, the team busses, and the game itself.  If we lose this battle the blame will be on a lack of action by the people, not the school board.