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Florida Laxers Showcased at the Paradise Shootout

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By Pete Vining Naples, FL –With over three quarters of the participating teams based throughout Florida, our young men had an opportunity to play excellent out of state competition in front of a number of college coaches.   Schools in attendance included Notre Dame, Jacksonville, North Carolina, Ohio State, High Point, Tampa, Rollins, Carthage (Wisconsin), Regis (Colorado), Piedmont (Georgia), Lindenwood (Missouri) and ASA College (New York). The theme was lacrosse has a place for every player who wants to play, and in many cases there is substantial scholarship money available.  Players were encouraged to look at the opportunities available at many different levels of college play, and the above list is a good sample.  FLN spoke briefly with ASA Assistant Coach Drew Pannell and Piedmont Head Coach Pete Manderano.  Both gentlemen spoke highly of our kids and know Florida is loaded with potential players.  They both spoke about academics, and in the case of ASA, a two year school, Coach Pannell discussed placement of his players at the next level for the last two years of college. The momentum of Division II in the south is becoming a bigger story each day.  Tampa Head Coach Rory Whipple’s recruiting schedule is as busy as any D I coach, and while Coach Whipple was in Naples, he had assistants at two other northern tournaments. Corrigan Enterprises is building a first rate tournament for the years ahead.  Out of state teams who attended fielded top level talent and won most of the divisions, with Adrenaline Tropics (a west coast US all-star team) winning the Elite Division.  Final results can be found at the Paradise Shootout Website.