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Palmer Trinity Posts Exciting 2012 Schedule

Written by Lee Roggenburg on . Posted in .
With a completely re-worked district, Palmer Trinity is stepping into the unknown this season.  One thing is for sure, however. They are going to facing a Coral Shores team full of confidence after a solid 2011 season. Date:     2/21/12 VS: Coral Reef High School AWAY Date:     2/24/12 VS: Palmetto     HOME Date:     2/28/12 VS: Coral Shores HOME Date:     3/1/12   Time: PTS Tour. vs LaSalle HOME Date:     3/3/12   PTS Tour. vs Game #2 HOME Date:     3/6/12   VS: Killian AWAY Date:     3/8/12   Time: VS: American Heritage-Delray AWAY Date:     3/20/12 VS: Palmetto AWAY Date:     3/22/12 VS: Coral Reef High School HOME Date:     3/30/12 VS: Coral Shores AWAY Date:     4/2/12 VS: Killian HOME Date:     4/10/12 VS: Belen Jesuit Prep HOME Date:     4/17/12 District Semifinals AWAY Date:     4/19/12 District Championships AWAY