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The Best high school boys will meet June 2-3 in Orlando. Will you be there?

6 Regions from across the state will bring their best to battle the best.

Six regions from across the state of Florida are coming together to offer a new and game changing event for the exploding number of serious lacrosse players emerging throughout the state. The Sunshine State Lacrosse Championship pits six regional elite teams against each other in order to determine the top boys’ high school region in the state of Florida. North Florida, Central Florida, West Florida, Southwest Florida, South Florida I and South Florida II are looking for the top players to represent their respective regions with the entire state and college recruiters watching.  Regional tryouts will be held to form the six teams that will then compete in Orlando June 2-3, 2012. Twenty-five players will be invited from the Sunshine State Lacrosse Championship to then represent Florida in two of the top premier recruiting tournaments in the country:  The National Lacrosse Classic and The Brine Shootout. MISSION The Sunshine State Lacrosse Championship aims to provide affordable, high level lacrosse and recruiting opportunities.  The Sunshine State Lacrosse Championship has been produced with the cooperation of private enterprise, state government, and a statewide cooperative of regional groups who wish to promote Florida Lacrosse to the entire lacrosse playing world. STAFF Each region is represented by current club administrators and coaches who know their regions well through their length of tenure and scope of activity in their respective areas.  The coaches who will represent each region will be selected for their elite coaching experience, professionalism, and dedication to the growth and promotion of the game. PROGRAM
  • May 7-13  REGIONAL TRYOUTS in coordination with the National Lacrosse Classic
  • May 14-31  Regional teams practice as determined by each region
  • June 2-3 GAMES held in Orlando
  • Week of June 4 final FLORIDA 22 TEAM invitations are made
  • PRACTICE SITES/TIMES to be determined for FLORIDA 22
  • June 30-July 3  NATIONAL LACROSSE CLASSIC – Germantown, Maryland
  • July 4-6COLLLEGE TOUR for the Florida 22 team
  • July 8-11 BRINE SHOOTOUT at University Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC)
  FLORIDA 22 Florida 22 is the team that will be created from the participants in the Sunshine State Lacrosse Classic.  Florida 22 will play in the National Lacrosse Classic and The Brine Shootout.  The leader of the selection committee for Florida 22 will be Casey Powell of Casey Powell Lacrosse,, and Team 22. Casey will also serve as a member of the coaching staff along with three coaches to be named. Florida 22 will be coached by those whose accomplishments, experience, organizational skills, commitment to team and player preparation, and passion are worthy of representing the best Florida Lacrosse has to offer. The National Lacrosse Classic and The Brine Shootout are known across the country for the highest level of play among the top teams in the country and the large number of college recruiters in attendance from across the country. CONTACT: Email:          Phone:                 321-507-6385 Web site:   Registration: